Appreciation Note for PYP Exhibition

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Appreciation Note for PYP Exhibition

Hello respected teachers,

Hope you are keeping safe and healthy.

Through this email, we would like to share feedback about PYP exhibition which was conducted on 19th Feb. by our young ones.

It was well thought, well prepared, well-coordinated and well-presented show. It was a pleasant surprise to watch our children with high confidence and motivational level. Their detailed research work, wall decoration and passion in explaining it all was really a standout.

Personally, I was highly impressed with the overall format of the exhibition, the content distribution including music and dance to make the audience enjoy and stay connected from the start till the end. Last but not the least, a big thank you to Anita ma’am for being their consistent support and motivation.

Shourya’s parents

Dear Seema Ma’am,
Though this email is for the PYP exhibition feedback but me and my husband both have been waiting to share the feedback otherwise as well on how well the classes and virtual engagement of the kids have been throughout the pandemic.

PYP Exhibition: It is so overwhelming to see our kids talk about the topics that are of utmost importance these days and that too with all the facts, statistics, understanding of the topic as a “Global issue and not just specific to our region”. The skills they have developed during the execution of this whole project is phenomenal, kids know what to include in a presentation, how to coordinate and work in a team, different approaches to make the audience understand the situation and its causes n effects, etc. It was a very well planned project altogether and wonderfully executed with the help and guidance of their HRT Reeta Ma’am and other teachers like Sita Ma’am, Sumit Sir, the new French teacher as well.
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Reeta Ma’am for being a guiding force behind our kid’s growth during Grade 5, she has gone an extra mile in helping him and the other kids deliver the best. We have seen the hard work put in by her since Nov’20 and the dedication/commitment to assist the kids with whatever they need. Hats off to you Reeta Ma’am.
Sita Ma’am has been a great Hindi teacher, her way of teaching is really good and has helped Aditya in getting a better understanding of the subject.
Overall Feedback: Aditya joined Scottish in Grade 4 and we are very happy as parents to see a positive change in our child, and that is all because of the curriculum and efforts of the teachers, staff and direction by the school management (Not to miss Principal of the Primary School).
During pandemic the way teachers have brought them upto speed in picking up the collaboration tools, coordinating with kids, helping them learn the virtual environment and make them comfortable with it. It’s a great achievement for the School as well as the kids to pull this herculean task through.
We understand the time and effort that goes behind the scene as well and that is the reason why we want to appreciate and send our best wishes to the entire team at Scottish High for making it a big success story for the younger ones who join the school in the years to come. Lastly, kids are missing the School and their teachers and we hope the environment becomes safe for the kids to join the school in the next session.
* As in Grade 5, kids have not met their HRT and other teachers in person, we would request whenever the school re-opens to have a meetup session with all the teachers they have interacted with virtually if possible at all.
RegardsYogita & Rajan Chauhan(Parents – Aditya Raj Chauhan, Grade 5)

Dear Mam,
We wish to extend our gratitude to the teacher’s of Grade 5-A for their perseverance and dedicated attitude.All the teachers have been working effortlessly despite the pandemic issues and new virtual platform.
I would take this opportunity to specially appreciate the efforts of  Ms. Reeta Kushwaha, who is HRT of my daughter; Sita mam and Sumit sir.The kind of patience, dedication and attitude as exhibited by Reeta mam is remarkable and we are blessed to have a great teacher like her for our ward.Thank you mam for not just teaching our children but educating and empowering them. All the extra hours and suggestions poured in by you, can never be repaid however we will always be thankful.
Sita mam’s teaching style really engages the kids and gets them pumped up and excited about learning.I appreciate all of your hard work and the positive learning environment you provide for your students.
With everything gone virtual these days, Sumit Sir’s efforts are immeasurable. I can see my child being much advanced for her age in computers and you have fostered that growth with new tools and challenging ideas that helped the children towards a creative and technical bent of mind. Thank you Seema mam for ensuring an exceptional atmosphere, platform and such great educators for our children. The efforts as put by teachers and students in this PYP exhibition was an affirmation of the high level of education and futuristic view of shaping leaders.
Thanks and Regards, Shikha Kenu Razdan Shekhar Razdan

We feel extremely proud on writing this email regarding the recently conducted PYP of Class 5-G. More so, as the past year has been so difficult for both the students and the teachers. However, the pains and the extra effort the teachers have put in to overcome this situation is laudable and it was very visible in the PYP event yesterday.

The focus with which the kids and Anita ma’am have worked on co-ordinating and presenting the whole program online required a humongous effort and they did it so effortlessly. We never felt that we were watching our little 10 year old talk so maturely about the issues of Social media and family bonding. All credit for this goes to the discipline instilled by you, Seema ma’am and the values inculcated by the Home Room Tutor, Ms. Anita Bhalla.

We would also like to thank all the other teachers involved from Hindi, Spanish and various other subjects for their contributions.

Ma’am we were honoured to be a part of this and witness how well our kids are shaping up.

Regards, Sonia & Maneck Khanna (Saanvi’s Parents)

This is with regards to conveying our big thanks to the School and kids for the wonderful PYP, what we have observed today. Every kid showed a different hidden talent and that too at the age of 10 or 11. And all the credit goes to the school and especially Vijaya Laxmi Maam. Ever since this was conceptualised to the kids, she guided them so patiently, that is really commendable. Ever since Mannat was promoted to Class 5, I have seen her grooming tremendously. And the biggest reason is Vijaya Laxmi Maam. Her patience to handle kids is her key attribute which makes her all kids’ favourite. With her guidance Mannat collaborated with kids so well which I never expected. 
Thanking again the entire school staff and Vijaya Maam for this amazing experience (virtually though).
Hoping to see similar events in future.  

Thanks & Regards, Sarika Gosain
(Mother of Mannat Gosain)

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you for making us a part of PYP exhibitions. We  thoroughly enjoyed the presentations made by each group.

The kids have practiced really well (despite of lack of physical interactions) and were super excited. Their hard work and more importantly your efforts on them were clearly visible. The show was “spectacular”.

As a parent, I have witnessed how much effort has been put in by HRT (Priya Mam) on kids presentations. Right from the selection of a topic, content, delivery, ideas –everything was so well stitched and delivered. The show could not have been possible without “YOU”.

Whether it’s a monkey business or FDP or PYP exhibition, the SHIS, teachers and management have always left us stunned.  The school has once again raised the bar of excellence, precision and quality. The most amazing part is that the teachers have accepted all challenges and  delivered beyond imagination.

Priya Mam, I would also take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts towards Divyansh Anand and all other students of 5E. This year was exceptionally difficult for kids but you made it special by your special touch (sometimes, politely and sometimes by being strict ). Its commendable. y

Thank You Mother of Divyansh Anand Grade 5E

It is with a lot of pride and excitement that I am writing this email.

I am totally in awe of what I saw yesterday. The children not only demonstrated an excellent display of expertise in their topic, but also a combination of teamwork, collaboration, project management, leadership skills and emotional skills during the presentation.  (The prep for the final day was a totally different experience too  Sehar spent close to 15 hours putting together the Cartoon Animation ( Powtoon) and she collected ideas from teachers, teammates, newspapers and other channels to put together such a thoughtful concept in an animated format. There were days when I felt that she was putting too much energy for her age ( several rounds of meetings/ hours of effort), but when I saw how she is pushing her teammates and her self on contributing different activities to the exhibition, I realized that Reeta Ma’am has done a splendid job of unleashing the true potential of the children and unearthing leadership skills.

The topic that the kids picked was deep rooted and I really would like to call out the efforts put in by Reeta Ma’am ( a lot of diligence, several hours of hard work and persistence) to put this together with support from all the other teachers. Really appreciate so much attention into detailing and coaching the children. Thank you Reeta Ma’am !!

These are not normal circumstances and putting this together in remote scenario could not have been possible by any other school, teachers and children. We couldn’t have asked for a better Teacher, Principal and School during these tough times.

Once again a big thank you and wishing many more accomplishments !!

Thanks and Regards Sanyukta Sinha

This is regarding feedback of today’s PYP exhibition. We were awestruck by watching children’s performances. They were confident, well prepared and filled with enthusiasm. Kudos to Sunita Ma’am for bringing the best out of kids. They all worked really hard to make it successful and their efforts were clearly visible in the PYP exhibition. I feel very proud to be associated with this school. Thanks for playing the important part in shaping our kid’s personality and giving her platform to express her own perspectives of the world.Warm regards,Dr Aman Jyoti,A proud parent.

Thank you Ma’am for your extra work and effort in the past few days to prepare this remarkable PYP exhibition that has required additional time above and beyond your own workload & we wanted to let you know we’re grateful for that. It really shows how you’re in this job for the good of the kids.

Our respect and admiration for you as our daughter’s class teacher cannot be expressed in words. You have a tangible effect on the lives of the students in your class and they will remember you for many years to come. Once again “Thank you for creating a space for our children to be themselves & for being a positive example in their lives.”

With Regards,

Surabhi Srivastava & Priyesh

Sinha Parent of : Prisha Srivastava Class – 5F

I am Anuraada Kandujaa, mother of Ahaana Khanduja from grade 5-A. I wish to express my gratitude and happiness after seeing the PYP exhibition.  I wish to congratulate Reeta mam, Sita mam, ICT sir, French mam and all other teachers for the hard work they did with our kids. I am grateful for their guidance and the way they taught each and every kid per their capacity as well as pushed them to perform the best.
I was in continuous touch with Reeta mam and this PYP exhibition became a big platform for our girls to learn and deal with society issues not as a spectator but participate in it and feel it and serve the society for larger good.  Big thank you to you too for the guidance you gave our kids.
From Happy Parent Anuraada Kandujaa Ahaana Khanduja’s mother 5-A

Respected Scottish High Fraternity!

By way of Introduction, I am Juhi Munjal Gupta, Mother of Samaira Gupta, Grade 5A. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding performance and exemplary show by students of grade 5A yesterday. I was totally mesmerized to see the clarity of ideas, structure of thoughts and the overall presentation of a sensitive topic like ‘Gender Inequality’ by my daughter’s group. While I couldn’t see the performance of other groups but I am fairly confident that they did an equally amazing job.

Through this message, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to the school for giving the kids an amazing platform to build their confidence and hone their presentation skills. Special thanks to Reeta Mam for being an excellent coach, guide and mentor for these girls and being so diligent and patient with them throughout the PYP journey and helping them articulate their thoughts so gracefully. The kids are truly blessed to have you as the HRT and I hope they take-away a part of the poise and meticulousness you demonstrate.

The bar is raised clearly so now looking forward to another spectacular show as they progress to the next class. Thanks!

Juhi Munjal

Dear Seema Bhati Ma’am, This is with regards to the online PYP Exhibition of Grade 5-G. Would like to share my feedback on this. Felt so elated and amazed to see the Highlanders presenting their learnings in such an innovative way.
Their confidence and calibre is praiseworthy. 
Would like to extend a note of thanks to the class teacher Ms Anita Bhalla ma’am who has worked tirelessly with them and motivated them at every step. Kudos to all the kids and their mentor. Kids are blessed to have such a supportive teacher.
Would also like to thank the teachers and staff of Scottish High for seamlessly conducting online classes throughout the Covid pandemic. Children didn’t even miss a beat in spite of the school being closed for an year now.
Thanks and Regards, Sarika Malhotra Mother of Aarav Malhotra Grade 5 -G.

Dear Seema mam & Anita mam,

Please accept our heartiest congratulations for the successful 1st virtual PYP exhibition for SHIS team. This academic year has brought in immense challenges and learnings for all of us alike. We definitely acknowledge the additional impact that the Educationists, teachers and students had to adapt to, for a new form of teaching without compromising on quality of learning. PYP exhibition this year is a feather in your caps. 

We were extremely happy to see the performance of our son Abeer Singh Gujral along with his teammates from 5 G during their exhibition. The children displayed commendable research and presentation skills, and integration of multiple mediums of communication like role play, songs, games etc, leveraging all of it with technology to keep us engaged.

It was a wonderful display of their conviction, confidence and clarity on the chosen subject and the articulation of their perspectives on it. 

It is imperative for us to acknowledge the dedication, time, guidance and encouragement given by you Anita mam, to identify their strengths and ensuring that each of them performed so well. 

We would like to express our immense gratitude to all the primary year teachers and Seema Mam, for the wonderful journey they had till now and as you let these kids foray into the middle school. 

As proud SHIS parents, Congratulations and Thanks once again 


Harleen & Chanmohan Gujral

Parents of Abeer Singh Gujral

Grade 5G 

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on February 24, 2021

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