Crystal Sood

Crystal Sood

Dear Staff of Scottish and Principal,

Would like to thanks teachers of Nursery F Ms Tina and Ms Tanu along with the supporting team for the lovely program of FDP. It was very pleasing to see the children with so much Patience and Enthusiasm in each and everything they performed. Loved the way Aaliyah my daughter had come forward and said her lines confidently although she was a bit shy. Never seen her say her lines completely before in her younger grade at her previous school. She has definitely come a long way. A big thank you and applause for encouraging her and making her stand out with the constant stickers she gets from her lovely teachers which indeed is helping her rise and shine in her overall development and personality.

Lots of love and gratitude.

Crystal Sood
(Mom of Aaliyah Sood)

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on December 6, 2018

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