Question: Is the school compulsory day boarding/optional ?
Answer: Yes, the school has compulsory day boarding from Class I onwards.

Question: Which board the school follows for X & XII?
Answer: We have the IGCSE/ICSE for Grade IX & X and ISC / IB Diploma for classes XI & XII.

Question: How does the prefectorial organization functions?
Answer: Students Clan/Clubs “

Question: What are the timings for junior & senior classes in winter and summer?
Answer: Initials: 8.00am to 1pm
Seniors: 8.00 am to 4pm

Question: If the child is in Nur/KG, can I make the child stay back till evening?
Answer: The school provides creche facility to those who are interested in keeping their child in the school till evening. The creche is operational till 4pm and functions with the regular school parallely. Children are provided lunch and they have a short nap time as well, then they are made to go through a whole lot of activities in order to keep them fruitfully occupied till 4pm. They disperse after having their evening milk.
Parents interested in applying for the creche facility have to contact the front desk for checking on the availability of seats & costs.

Question: How do we ensure healthy & balance food in the school?
Answer: School menu is prepared under supervision of an expert dietician from a reputed Hospital which ensures a healthy balanced nutritious wholesome meal. It ensures correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats minerals and essential vitamins. It is prepared for combined needs of balancing out requirements of children falling in different categories of height weight and BMI.
Besides this monthly hygiene check for food handlers, Lab Investigations to rule out communicable diseases if any, in food handlers as well as daily visit to kitchen to ensure hygiene is practiced while cooking, by School Doctor is taken up.

Question: What are the medical facilities available in the school?
Answer: ” Health Care Facilities”

Question: How safe is the school?
Answer: Every bus is provided with security personnel in addition to a caretaker to ensure the safety of the children in transit. They are provided with communication devices which keeps them in contact with the school throughout the journey. As the buses return they are welcomed to the sonorous tunes of the bagpiper. On alighting, the students are escorted to their respective classrooms by the ushers specifically appointed for this purpose. Nannies/Lady teachers also escort the bus for the comfort of girl children.
Elaborate security arrangements have been made in the school premises to ensure the safety of every child. The staff has been provided with proximity cards, identity cards for students and parents, scrutiny of authorized personnel who come to the school to drop and pick up children every day. The school has an elaborate fire-fighting system with early warning alarms and smoke alarms. Disaster management systems, evacuation plans and fire drills have been put in place to handle the situation in case of an emergency.

Question: What is the discipline policy of the school? Are there any corporal punishments?
Answer: Discipline means training of mind and character, developing self control and the habit of obedience. SHIS has a defined policy in each and every aspect where discipline is concerned.
To mention a few here:- Corporal punishment does not form a part of the school’s Disciplinary action
3 tier negative reinforcement is followed depending on the gravity of the offence:-
Verbal Warning :-for the 1st time offence verbal warning is given by the teacher and record of the same is maintained
Warning Note/ Letter :- In case verbal warnings do not result an improvement of the student’s behavior parents are informed via telephone/SMS/email keeping Principal/ President Operations in the loop.
Community Service/ Lap :- Student would have to do a community service (Serving the school cafeteria, sorting of lost and found, muster of books in Library, garden planning etc) for a time period as specified by Principal/JSH, if the behavior remains the same even after continuous warnings. Such service will be termed as LAPS.
Laps are done during the activity period and the parents are informed about it.
Issuance of Yellow/Red/Black Card
There is a Discipline committee- closely observing students in school especially during snack time, break time and dispersal. In case of extreme indiscipline when the three tier reinforcement system fails, cards like Yellow card for the 1st warning, Red card for the 2nd warning and the Black card for suspension is issued.

Question: Are meals compulsory?
Answer: Yes, they are. The school is a long day boarding when a child leaves home early morning, and reaches back late evening. Therefore, breakfast, lunch, evening drink is served in the school. Meal times are not play time breaks but are formal and sanctimonious meal times, where in students eat together with their peers, clan mates under supervision of clan parents. Prayers before the meal, table manners while eating, hygiene, opportunities for informal bonding are all an integral part of meal times.