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Online School Uniform

Online School Uniform

For ease and convenience of parents and going with the global trend of online transactions, we are pleased to inform that the uniform will now be available online and delivered at your doorstep.

The uniform supplier viz M/s. Lyallpur Uniforms Pvt. Ltd. has engaged the services of the popular online portal of uniform of various schools www.eschoolbuddy.com for the same.

Please note, that the school is only a facilitator for parents in the uniform issue process, be it online or onsite. The parents have the discretion to purchase whatever is required from the uniform supplier. All financials, delays of the uniform are directly between the buyer and the supplier of the uniforms M/S Lyallpur Uniforms Pvt. Ltd..

Hope this online facility will save time and energy. Onsite outlet of the uniform will continue for some time in parallel, till the online process is tested and proved.

Instructions – an easy, step guide for how to use the online ordering system :-

  1. Logon to www.eschoolbuddy.com and click on Start Shopping. Choose uniforms from this page.
  2. You could scroll and look for Scottish High International School or type the school name in SEARCH FOR SCHOOLS box which is located on the left hand of the page.
  3. When your school appears, further refine the search by identifying the child’s class, gender, season and his/her clan if any (If he/she does not have any house then select none of the above).
  4. Click on the product you want to purchase. Select the color if applicable and the size required.  Add to your shopping cart. To select another item click continue shopping and repeat the above.  All the instruction for buying are self explanatory. When you have selected all items you need, proceed to checkout.
  5. At checkout stage you need to register your details and an account will be set-up for you. Then proceed to delivery address and payment section. You can make payment via debit/credit card or Cash on Delivery
  6. If you have registered the next time you visit www.eschoolbuddy.com you can login to your account and chosen school using your email address and password you have used at the registration stage.