Vimmi Singh Minhas

Vimmi Singh Minhas

Dear Seema Ma’m,

This is to share a few words of appreciation for Namita Ma’m, HRT for Class 2-A.

Namita Ma’m has really helped Mahi, my daughter, improve her skills and learning in various subjects, over the excellent online classes. Mahi is more confident while speaking and is also able to imbibe and apply the concepts in Maths (her favorite!),  English, etc. very well.

Namita Ma’m also gave a very candid and frank feedback for Mahi during the online PTM, highlighting the areas of further improvement, which is very well appreciated. We also appreciate the rigor and discipline Namita Ma’m ensures during the classes.

Mahi is more than eager to attend the classes everyday!

A big Thank You for all of Namita Ma’m’s efforts and your overarching guidance, in ensuring the above..

Thanks & regards,

Vimmi Singh Minhas

(Mother of Mahi Singh Minhas, Class 2-A)

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on July 13, 2020

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