Amit Thusu and Renu Kaul

Amit Thusu and Renu Kaul

Dear Smita Mam,

We are very pleased to inform you that my son Shalin Thusu who was studying in class 5G, SHIS in year 2017-18 has got very excellent marks in his Final Examination and done exceptionally well in extra-curricular activities and in sports. He scored highest marks in English and Mathematics besides scoring second highest marks in Hindi. I would like to put on record that you have really made great efforts to make him teach and practice solving Mathematical Problems and practice both written and verbal and conversational English. Special mention and appretiation is required to be placed on record for encouraging him for improving his Hindi, noting that he returned from Germany after 8 years and when he could barely speak Hindi, a year back. He was depressed and your guidance not only motivated Shalin but also made him to excel in Hindi.

I wish to mention, that you have not only taught Shalin but you have played the role of a mentor guiding him through the year, encouraging him and advising him to continuously inprove himself. I would also like to mention that the exhibition  this year was amazing and this was clearly reflected in great performances of the Children.

You have always breifed us on Shalin’s progress during PTM meetings and at all times.

I think you have set very high standards being a teacher. Your great efforts are highly appreciated and i have no words to thankyou.  Still i will give you a ‘standing ovation’.

Thanks again.
Best Regards,

Amit Thusu and Renu Kaul

Parents of Shalin Thusu

GRADE 5G in year 2017-2018

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on April 24, 2018

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