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Admission FAQ’s

Admission FAQ’s

1. How do we register for admission?
A: The registrations are done ONLINE from the school website. Fill up the online form via the school website and submit accordingly.  OFFLINE registrations are done from school reception.   [8.00 am to 5.00pm]

2. What are the various curricula available in Scottish High?

A:   IB Primary Years Program (IBPYP) for Nursery to Grade V

      CAIE Secondary I and IGCSE for Grades VI to X

      IB Diploma Program for Grades XI & XII     

The National Curriculum (ICSE) for Grades VI to X & ISC for Grades XI & XII

3. What is the Age Criteria being followed?

A:   The minimum age of the child as on 31st March’24.

Nursery          3 years and above

L K G            4 years and above

U K G            5 years and above and so on…

4. What is the process of admission?
A: Admission in Scottish High International School is purely based on seat availability. However, siblings of existing students would be given priority. Applicants along with their parents will be invited to school for a Document Verification Process (depending on seat availability). After this stage the parent will be intimated about the next step via email/call.

5. When will the Document verification process begin?
A: The online document verification process will begin by second week of August’23.

6. When is the registration opening?

A: Thursday 03rd August 2023 (online from 00:01 hours onwards)

7. What are the charges for Registration?
A: Rs 2000/-(Two Thousand rupees only) – Non- Refundable

8. I am a SHIS sibling parent, do I get any preference?
A: Yes, your ward will be given priority in offer of admission.

9. I am SHIS staff/parent and I wish to refer someone, what is the process?
A: You are welcome to refer your candidate in SHIS. Kindly direct them for online/offline registration and ask your referral to fill up your name in the field under “Other Details” on the form.

10. What is the admission process for Grade-KG and above?
A: You will have to register online or offline. Admissions will be offered on withdrawal vacancy as per seat availability.

11. When do we have to pay the fees if admission is offered?
A: The composite fees will be paid closer to beginning of the academic session, however, the Admission Fee   (Non- Refundable) and the Security Deposit (Refundable) will be paid on completion of the Admission Process. Timeline to pay this would be 48 hours on issue of the Offer Letter.

12. Do I have to pay the complete fees including the quarter fee at the time of the admission?
A: At the time of admission, you will be asked to pay only the one-time non-refundable Admission fee and the refundable security deposit to secure the admission.

13. What are the school timings?
A: Nursery to KG:           8am-1pm

Grade I and above:      8am-4pm

14. Can we send food from home?

A: Home food is not allowed. The school provides the students with wholesome, balanced and fresh meals. Initial Chapter students are served breakfast and from Grade I and above breakfast, lunch and evening milk is served to all students.

15. What is the student teacher ratio?

A: 25 students with 2 teachers and 1 Nanny in Nursery. The 25-student strength per section is maintained even in higher classes. The whole school student teacher ratio is 12:1.

16. Will someone be there to assist us to understand the curriculum post admission as well, if we require help?

A: Yes, absolutely! On prior appointment curriculum coordinators of all boards (PYP, DP, ICSE and CAIE) offered by the school will be made available.

17. How do you handle transport for Initial Chapter?

A: All buses have a lady transport coordinator in addition to a trained conductor and a driver. Their credentials are police verified.

18. Do we have access to CCTV in buses and classrooms?

A: For the safety of the students and staff, CCTV system is in place at all vantage points throughout the school and in school buses and is monitored by competent personnel.

19. Can we have access to the GPS tracking of school bus?

A: As a procedure, access to GPS tracking is not accessible to the parents for security reasons. However, the same is closely monitored for ensuring compliance to the school procedures.

20. Where can I check the school menu?

A: The school menu is available on the school website. It’s updated weekly.

21. What is the syllabus content in Initials?

A: The syllabus of Initial Chapter encompasses learning of Languages, Numeracy, concepts of Science and Social Studies, Performing and Visual Art, Personal Social and Physical Education. All these subjects are integrated into transdisciplinary learning under different units of inquiry as per the IB Primary Years Program.

22. How does a typical day of Initial Chapter look like?

A: A typical day of Initial School starts with seeking the blessings of Almighty. Their daily schedule is quite exciting with the following interesting and relevant experiences-  Joy Ride on Horse, Splash Pool, Learning about different concepts of English and Hindi languages, Numeracy, Science and Social Studies focused units integrated with Music, Dance, Physical and Social education and attributes of the IB Learner Profile.

23. How is the day planned for Grade I -V?

A: Students of Primary follow the IBPYP curriculum. They have a spread-out schedule where transdisciplinary approach is followed. Besides academics all students are exposed to various disciplines like Swimming, Skating, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Yoga, Taekwondo, Judo. Indoor activities like Performing and Visual Arts – Western Music, Indian Music, Dance, Art and Craft which is also built in their schedule.

24. How does the school partner with parents?

A: We partner with parents in numerous ways like Front Desk Programs, Gallery Walk’s, Reading Programs, and Home Visits for them to know what the child is learning in school and reinforcement that may be needed at home. There is a Watts App broadcast group made by the teacher for updating parents. There are almost 5 PTMs conducted every year.

25. How easy is the transition from IB PYP to ICSE in sixth standard?

A: The curriculum of Grade V is designed keeping in mind the requirements of Grade VI. Students get an option to choose Lower Cambridge or ICSE. For both curricula we expose students to two sit-down exams during the year to expose them to the culture of a paper and pen exam.

26. We have heard post ISC/IBDP getting admission in DU is difficult, is that so?

A: Both ISC and IBDP are recognized by the AIU (Association of Indian Universities) and are treated at par with CBSE. A student requires the requisite grades comprising of one language and three main subjects to secure admission in DU.

27. Post IBDP is going abroad the only option.

A: No, The AIU (Association of Indian Universities recognizes IBDP at par with the National Curriculum. For more details, please visit

28. Difference between CBSE and ICSE?

A: ICSE is a more elaborated curriculum. It provides you vast knowledge and lays more emphasis on the core subjects such as English, which aims at building the overall personality of a student. In XI-XII it is at par with CBSE. Council also encourages to go for NCERT books. Only in English it has two separate paper for Language and Literature.

29. What are the security measures taken by the school in school bus and in school premises?

A: Security does not only mean to secure the child/staff from external threats but also to ensure safety measures within the school premises. Every individual coming to the school is the responsibility of the school and we take this as a challenge. Scottish High is one of the few institutions to have 3-tier security system in the school. This system is duly supported by the manual guarding as well as CCTV coverage of the premises. School buses too have trained lady transport coordinators in addition to the GPS and cameras. There are SOPs and same are rigorously followed and audited internally as well as externally for compliance.

30. Can you please tell us about alumni placements?

A: Our students have been placed in best of colleges in India and abroad. Please visit to know more about our students’ placements. The school boasts of a specialized Career Counseling department in addition to Behavioral Counseling to help students in placement/admission in the most prestigious colleges.

31. Are picnic/camps/fields trips compulsory?

A: No, they are not mandatory, however, all kids are encouraged to be a part of these events.

32. How do we handover students during dispersal?

A: Students are handed over to the parents/guardians carrying the Authorization Card issued by the school. This is a mandatory requirement; no child will be allowed to leave the school premises without checking the Authorization Card of the person who has come to collect the child. This is applicable for handing over of transport users too.

33. How is the deep cleaning of the school done? How often do you sanitize the school?

A: There is a proper cleaning and sanitization schedule followed. In addition to the regular housekeeping through professional agencies and permitted cleaning agents, we have focused on stringent sanitization protocols. This refers to everyday sanitization of the entire premises in use by the permitted disinfectants such as SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE, fogging with VIREX II 256 and MICROGEN D-125. There is a housekeeping team allocated only for this purpose and is ensuring proper sanitization of every nook and corner.

34. Are the nannies, cleaners, housekeeping staff on school rolls?

A: The housekeeping staffs including the nannies are through certified professional agencies for the purpose of ensuring well-groomed trained staff with proper relieving at all times. The staff is strictly screened for background checks (police verification), health checks (periodical medical tests), knowledge, experience and training for their role in the department. Additionally, they are made to undergo periodical checks and regular training workshops to keep enhancing their ability to perform tasks given to them.

35. Is the faculty separate for the different curriculum?

A: All Faculty members are trained to teach respective curriculums. Yes in Middle and Senior School, the Faculty is different for National and International Curriculums.

36. What are the different languages options available in Scottish High?

A: After Grade 3 students are offered a choice of language like between German, Sanskrit, Spanish and French to choose from.

37.  How often does the school conducts workshops & training for staff?

A: Professional development of staff is an ongoing process which is conducted throughout the year. The school staff is 100% trained to teach the curricula they have been assigned.

38. Are there any Orientations for parents?

A: Orientation for parents is held when they become SHIS parents in early years. Another orientation for parents is held at the beginning of Grade 1, for Grade III parents an orientation is conducted to help their wards choose an additional language. At the end of Grade V we hold an orientation for parents to understand the choice of curricula offered by the school.

39. Do we conduct Olympiads?

A: Yes, we conduct various subject Olympiads from Grade III to Grade XII.

40. Are there any additional charges for any activities/clubs?

A: Most of the activities/Clubs are free of charge except few Hobby Clubs like Photography, Formula 1, Astronomy and Robotics, where outside agencies are engaged to train students.

41. Does the school also have classes for pottery/carpentry etc?

A: Yes these are part of the SUPW and CAS programs offered by the school.

42. Does the school conduct/participate in MUN? A: Scottish High International School organizes India’s biggest MUN in the country SHISMUN. Highlanders participate in MUN’s not only in India but have participated in Various MUNs conducted by Harvard University etc and have won accolades.

” Scottish Highlanders, Alumni and their Parents Speak- Hear their Hearts!!”