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The difference between seeing and doing is called experience

Excursions (1)The trend in education is now changing all over the world. It is not just learning that is confined to the four walls of the classroom. Scottish High firmly believes that students retain most of what they see, some of what they hear and every detail of what they experience. It believes in providing a unique educational experience that is beyond the mere textbook curriculum and also practical knowledge of the world around us. Classroom knowledge at Scottish High is supplemented with first-hand experiences gained on various outdoor activities like field trips and educational tours organized on regular basis for the individual classes.

Students of lower classes are taken to places of public interest like the fire station, botanical gardens, railway station, post office, bus station, zoological park and so on. The senior students are taken out to industries, heritage places and places of educational value. Students gain enormous knowledge during these trips and at the end of every trip they are expected to record their experience and present the same as a part of their project work.

Excursions (2)At Scottish High School camps are built in like a tradition. They are compulsory for all students as we believe that to inculcate values like fairness, respect, trustworthiness and responsibility the students need to experience uninterrupted companionship of each other in various situations. Building of strong character results as students learn new skills, engage in challenging activities like rappelling, rock climbing, river crossing, rafting, trekking etc. They learn team work that fosters interest in physical activity. It also enhances self esteem and confidence and kindles interest in environmental issues. Camps therefore, are a good way to offer outdoor experience for our city bred children who normally are not exposed to such adventures.

Security of our students is foremost in our minds. The places for camping are chosen with utmost care keeping all the security requirements in mind.