Learning Uninterrupted!

Learning knows no limits. At Scottish High, students are not restricted to classroom schooling. They are free to explore and unleash themselves off-limits to have an ideal, hands-on experience of the world around.

Enriched with first-hand experiences through various outdoor activities and educational tours, the Highlanders find themselves more resourceful and inspired to take on the world with their multi-viewpoint. 

With activities like cooking expedition, cooking without fire, rehearsing or performing at the Annual Celebrations, Independence Day, Republic Day, Autism Day, the students are well arranged to grow inclusively & multi-dimensionally. Not only this, their active participation in disciplines like NCC or contribution to ‘Social Responsibility’ causes, taps their awareness and instils a sense of responsibility in them.

Students of initials and primary classes are taken to places of civic interest like the fire station, botanical gardens, railway station, post office, bus station, zoological park and so on. The senior students also sign up for various field trips like industries, heritage places and places of educational value. Gaining and absorbing enormous experience through these trips they are invited to recount and recollect their understanding as a part of their project work.

Similarly, School Camps are a tradition at Scottish High. It provides a valuable opportunity to inculcate values like fairness, respect, trustworthiness and responsibility. It is a catalyst for students to learn the values of sharing, and experience uninterrupted companionship with other students. It also stimulates interest in socio-economic issues and environmental concerns.

Envisaging ‘learning’ as one of the great enablers to foster self-esteem, confidence, team spirit and character building, Scottish High aptly asserts its motto ‘Building personalities, not just people’.