Discovery unbridled…

There are many areas where learning can be unbridled and unhooked from books. With the idea that every individual has some inborn talent, Scottish High taps this valued facet with the certainty of responsibility and care. To sharpen their in bound skills, the school has established hobby clubs.  Each club has an identity, style and agenda of its own. The ambience in these clubs stimulates healthy learning. Trained people in their respective fields act as moderators and the students are also given the opportunity to organize the activities of the clubs.

List of Clubs

➤ The Model United Nations {M.U.N.} Club
➤ Home Science
➤ Ted-Ed
➤ Book Club
➤ Art Club
➤ Quilling
➤ Reasoning and Aptitude Club
➤ CS72
➤ Growing Minds Club
➤ Eco Green Club
➤ GIS Club
➤ Global Awareness Club
➤ Business Club (Only for Grade 8-10)
➤ Dramatics
➤ Creative Writing & Debate/ Public Speaking
➤ Chess
➤ Self Defense (For Girls)
➤ Zumba
➤ Instrumental Music
➤ Formula 1 (Paid)
➤ Photography (Paid)
➤ Astronomy (Paid)
➤ Robotics (Paid)