Guidelines & Policies

Guidelines & Policies

Other Important Documents as per Requirement (To be submitted to school admission office if applicable)

1. Latest and Previous Mark-sheets (For admission in Grade II and above).

2.  Separated/Estranged Parents: – In case of separation, the school shall give cognizance only to court orders. Valid legal documents have to be furnished at the time of verification regarding custody rights of the child.

3. Guardianship Rights:- In case a child/ children has/ have to stay with their guardian/s, then a consent letter from both parents with valid proof of parenthood has to be submitted at the time of registration in order to give due cognizance to guardian’s signature or role. In case the child does not have parents, then legal proof of guardianship will be required.

4. Scottish High Siblings: SHIS siblings must submit a copy of the school ID-card of the existing student.

5. For International Students: (a) Copy of Passport of the student and both parents (b) Copy of Visa of the student and both parents.