Lab & Library

Lab & Library

Library- The knowledge bank and growing interest

scottish high international school Library

Located in an exclusive block, Learning Resource Centre (LRC) at Scottish High International School is the cynosure of all eyes. The Learning Resource Centre is an integral part of the school’s learning program and trains its students with skills that help them achieve academic excellence. The LRC is equipped with high profile automation software- LIBSYS, that facilitates easy selection of books based on the choice of an individual. This exclusively and imaginatively designed air-conditioned LCR is fully computerized and all transactions of resources are conducted in an automated form with barcoding. The DDC is the Classification System used in the LRC to make the resources more accessible for its users. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is provided to the Library Users. The school follows the Open Access System, this system allows any student/staff to select and pick a book of their own choice.

The library has a wide range of meticulously selected collection of resources like subject books, fiction, nonfiction books, journal, magazines, and reference books. The collection includes over 50,000 print books and the number is on a rapid increase. The LRC includes excellent study materials which are compiled for the benefit of senior students preparing for competitive examinations. Book for Lifetime is a novel concept conceived to develop an emotional bond between the student and the school through the contribution of books as memorabilia

Lab- Trust but verify is the principle of science

science ;lab

Scottish High intends to sow the seeds of scientific temper and mathematical skills, in the minds of the students right from their impressionable age. It has developed separate and full-fledged labs for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Life Sciences, as these subjects are not only based on theoretical learning but practical applications as well. The curriculum at Scottish High International School helps the students to develop science skills through keen observation in the areas of scientific theories, life processes, materials and their physical and chemical properties. Students are given proper demonstrations and are expected to conduct these experiments as stipulated in their curriculum. The students are taken out on field trips for plant collection for their herbarium. Innovatively designed full-fledged Math lab makes learning this subject interesting and simple.
Students along with their teachers are encouraged to conduct internal and external science symposia as well as science fairs. An exclusive model room is created to make models and presentations during their science projects and science exhibitions. Talented students are trained and encouraged to participate in Mathematics and Science Olympiads.

Computer Lab- Windows open the door to worldwide wisdom

computer lab

Today, all over the world, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral part of the lifestyle. Scottish High integrates ICT into the curriculum, with the state-of-the-art computer laboratory that has latest hardware and software with high-speed Internet connectivity. There is a very healthy student system ratio of 1:1. Faculty assists the students to browse the Internet in a filtered way to gather information relating to their subjects, projects in hand and also to update their knowledge. Language labs at Scottish High International School are very handy as students coming from different countries initially find communicating difficult.
There is also an exclusive digital library wing attached to the technology lab that has a collection of educative and informative CD’s on various topics. Students can utilize them for their reference in their project works.

Also, the benefits of Chrome Books have redefined research and learning for students at Scottish High.

Parallel to this, the school is well-resourced to meet the requirements of Virtual Learning. A wide range of platforms such as Microsoft Teams, G suite, Zoom and are being used to facilitate the online classes.