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Mentors with mission

Cherry-picked from the best institutions- in the region, across the country and abroad, Scottish High brings together the crème-de-la-crème of educators under one roof. These highly qualified, self-motivated, well-experienced and top-shelf professionals are committedly leading their students to the hallway of success.

Not only this but the teachers at Scottish High International School have also taken learning beyond the four walls of the classroom by playing multiple roles as mentors, philosophers and guides. Clearing doubts, allaying fears and anxiety of the students and motivating them to perform well both in academics and co-curricular activities, the teachers at Scottish High have been able to set the tone for a wholesome, holistic learning environment.

The results have been exceptionally rewarding as this has been a catalyst in shaping the students’ personality- by inducing positive thoughts, stimulating analytical thinking and inculcating decision-making ability!

What makes them the leaders in India’s academic Landscape?

Decades of extensive teaching experience combined with latest teaching methodologies, in-service training, refresher programmes, and microteaching sessions/workshops by internationally renowned academicians from time to time opens up a new flight path for the teachers to mentor their students to greatness.