Appreciation note for the Jaipur Camp

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Appreciation note for the Jaipur Camp

Respected Ma’am

I would like to thank you for planning an awesome trip to the pink city. It was my first ever alone trip and I had a wonderful time with my friends.

As per the itinerary we started early in the morning and the buses left the school sharp at 6am. On the way we had some fun activities like mathematic quiz and later we had a delicious breakfast at Behror. On reaching Jaipur we checked in our hotel first and rooms were allotted to us by Deepanshi ma’am. After lunch we went to Sanganer paper factory and we got to know how paper is made from a cotton fabric and decorated with block printing. We spent our evening at a mock village called Chokhi Dhani to experience Rajasthani culture, food and tradition. Folk dancers reminded me of my performance in last year’s student led conference and I enjoyed the same with my friends there. Then we came back to the hotel and stay with my friends was just awesome. Deepanshi ma’am made few videos of ours to share with our parents as well. Next day after breakfast, we went for a sightseeing to Maharaja City Palace which was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh and we also passed by Hawa Mahal made up of red and pink stones which was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, the grandson of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh.

Late evening around 7:45pm we came back to our school and we were greeted with a loud cheer from our parents.  It was an amazing break and we had a wonderful time away from our classroom and home. I will cherish these memories forever.

I have made a small video on my mommy’s mobile app using photos and videos shared by Deepanshi ma’am and I dedicate it to all my wonderful teachers and friends at the camp.  

Thank You!

Ananya Arora

Good Evening Seema Ma’am,

Firstly, I would like to thank you, my HRT @ Mansi Ma’am and whole other schools staff who made this trip possible, beautifully manage complete journey, helping us to be safe-secure and help us create exciting self experiences.

When I first learnt about this trip in class, I told my class friends that I would be surely going for this trip, convince my parents with my strong reasons and this will be exciting, great trip for our self-development. As once our HRT teacher said ” You parents / teacher can only guide / plan path for you but you need to self walk to develop your own skills, with your own self experiences.”

So at this trip I learnt alot about self management skills like to be confident alone, be safe & cautious about your own actions, sleeping without mom, completely self dress. I also explored & learnt about different places, puppet show and block printing about how plain clothes are colour printed. 

I would like to thank you all again and I look forward to join all upcoming trips. 

Thank you, 

Kabir Ahluwalia – Class 3C

Dear Seema Maam and Shveta Maam

This is my reflection from the trip to Jaipur.

The 10th and 11th of November 2022, will stay etched in my heart and mind for a foreseeable future ; if not a lifetime the excitement started 10 days before the trip at class, everyone was so excited that the only thing we were discussing was, who will be our roommates, what will we pack, which places we will visit and how will our rooms look like, Wednesday I was thrilled to start packing. I was very excited to bring my very own suitcase. On Thursday I woke up and got ready in record time. However, even after making so many efforts to come quickly I was late, if I had been even one more minute late I would have missed the bus, I waved goodbye to my parents and went inside the bus. After three hours we stopped at Highway King for breakfast. After a while we reached our hotel and I got to be in the same room as my best buddies Krishay, Kiaan, Hridhaan, Jiansh. We went to our rooms, got ready, had lunch, coincidentally it was also my friend Krishay and Kiaan’s birthday so we celebrated with a cake cutting. After having lunch we left for Sanganev to see how paper gets made and the process of how paper gets printed. As soon as we left the factory something very unusual happened, two airplanes had gone right above our heads. We left for our hotel to have food, I was happy there were non veg food items. In the evening we went to Chokhi Dhani. At Chokhi Dhani we explored caves, statues, food, writings about ancient Kings and wars. Shveta mam had also given me her jacket because I had forgotten to bring mine. We came back to our rooms to sleep but we were playing jokes and we slept at midnight. The next day we got ready and saw two of the most iconic places of Jaipur, Hawa Mahal and City Palace. My favourite part was the armoury in City Palace. We went back to school and were overwhelmed to be taken back home by our parents. I had many novel experiences like sharing the bathroom and sleeping without my parents. Thank you to all the teachers of Scottish High for taking such good care of us all.

Dear Seema Ma’am

We would like to thank and appreciate Shveta Vohra ma’am, and all the teachers for making the trip to Jaipur so beautiful and memorable for the kids.

Mishika Bhartia (3-I) not only enjoyed but came home with so much knowledge about the culture, tradition and history of ancient rulers. She enjoyed and appreciated everything from every meal to stay to visiting different places and understanding their importance. She had an amazing experience with lot of memories to be cherished always as this was class 3 first overnight camp and things done first time are always remembered.

Though Mishika was not much well the night before the trip but her eagerness and trust on her HRT- Ms Shveta Vohra Ma’am with her remark “she cares like you mom and if required she will call you” made us to allow her to go. Mishika was very correct and the way Shveta Ma’am took care of Mishika and every other kid was commendable.

The whole trip from start to end, parent and student session with Seema Ma’am was so well organized and flawless. Regular messages, pictures, especially good night message video and revert about Mishika’s health from Shveta ma’am and Vikram sir eased our concerns and worries.

Thank You again Seema Ma’am, Shveta Ma’am, Vikram sir and all the organizers of the trip for giving kids such a lovely experience at this young age and for your love, care and endless efforts to make this trip a success.

Thanks and Regards

Puja Bhartia

Maneesh Bhartia

Dear Principal Ma’am,

I had an amazing experience in Jaipur, on the date when we had to travel, i woke up at 4:00 am at the very first call of mumma, seems I was waiting for her to wake me up. I wanted to reach school very early so that i could grab a window seat, and I did so i reached school by 5:20 am and while boarding the bus I realised its my “First Bus Trip” , i was very excited and mom was very worried.

We played music, danced and had loads of fun. We reached Behror for breakfast, We reached Jaipur at 12 noon and  we left for Sanganer to visit a paper factory, we saw how cotton pulp is used to make handmade paper.

IN the evening we went to Chokhidani, we received a Grand welcome, it is a bit scary initially, there were places like the maze and big statues but later we danced , saw puppet shows and had a lot of fun. We had scrumptious dinner, though the food was a bit spicy.

We returned back to Hotel and I shared my room with Nishka and Devika, we had such fun. We also did mid night snacking with chips,cookies and wafers.

Deepanshi Ma’am covered us with a blanket at night, she took care like my mom does.

The next morning we got up early to have breakfast and pack our stuff in a suitcase, we went to City Palace.

It is a beautiful Palace. I wish I could meet the current king and queen, nonetheless I saw huge gigantic jugs and other utensils where the first King Jai singh used to have 5 kg jalebi in a day.

We saw several dresses which they used to wear, so we left the Palace on a good note to visit them again soon next year.

Now we were on the way to School, we had an awesome trip, i wish I could stay 1 more day, but I was missing Mom and Dad too.

So finally when we reached school I was super thrilled to see Mom waiting for me.

Couldn’t have waited more to share my experience.

I love my school and I want to Thank Deepanshi Ma’am for taking care of us

Regards -Adrija Sinha

Good Evening Seema Ma’am,

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate and thank Seema ma’am ,Shivani ma’am, Vikram Sir, Rahul Sir ,Ajay Sir and the entire team of SHIS for the wonderful camps.

The camps were very well organized and co-ordinated.It’s wonderful to see kids becoming risk takers,confident and independent.

Special thanks to Shivani ma’am for being so caring and loving with kids.You had made their trip special and added memories to cherish forever…

I am really impressed with Seema mam’s  love and affection for the kids, from last 14 years I have personally witnessed that she is always there to see off and welcome kids, Hats off to you ma’am,

Thank You!!

Warm Regards,

Meenakshi Vij

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