At Scottish High, learning is no holds barred

Scottish High Students for Creativity, Activity, Service) (1)

At Scottish High, learning is no holds barred

At Scottish High, learning is no holds barred. This central idea is well supported by CAS- (Creativity, Activity, Service) as Highlanders took to Aravallis for their project- Aravalli Action & Thrill; to get one on one with their capabilities of ‘decision making’ and ‘team building’, particularly when they are outside their comfort zone. Trekking and horse-riding helped them understand the merits of discipline, patience, and self-control.

Not only this, participating with nature by removing paper and plastic waste on their trek route and volunteering at ‘Animals Shelter Home’ came useful to them in reflecting on compassion and accepting environment and its equals.

A visit to the Government School at Wazirabad and spending quality time with the underprivileged kids dug deeper into them the values of responsibility and care towards the society.

Really, what a model of wholesome learning!

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