Children’s Day Celebration 2018

children's day celebration 2018

Children’s Day Celebration 2018

Children’s Day!! Exclusive as it sounds, at Scottish High, the day blasted off with the blaring presence of Highlanders seizing every corner of the school as the ones in charge! As is the custom, the VIPs of the day, clad fad, caught everyone’s attention by their razzle-dazzle, like never before! However, awe-inspiring it was to watch the teachers and mentors getting in their pupils’ shoes, shaking a leg and setting the stage on fire with their spunky dance performances mixed with a set of fun games.

Dollops of fun and surprises with ‘not to miss’ platter of special lunch, the Children’s Day served a perfect cocktail of love and togetherness at Scottish High. Big day… Big Cheese!

Posted By admin in Events & Celebrations, News, on November 15, 2018

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