Director’s Awareness Series 05-Preservation of nature

Director's Awareness Series

Director’s Awareness Series 05-Preservation of nature

School Director’s Awareness Series Initiative Taken by SHIS to preserve Nature

Dear Parent,
We at Scottish High are committed towards preserving our natural environment and undertake every measure to give back to Mother Nature. To emphasize and strengthen the link between the conservation of natural ecosystems and human development, we at SHIS take extensive measures and improve our ecological footprint on nature. Natural ecosystems are key to maintaining human prosperity in a warming world.

Measures taken by SHIS

  1. Seed Collection Drive
  2. Save Aravalli Campaign
  3. Plantation Drives
  4. Establishing a Green Army
  5. E Waste Collection Drives
  6. Separation of Waste in Dry and Wet
  7. Save Soil Movements
  8. Save Water Campaigns
  9. Best Out of Waste Competitions
  10. No single use plastic
  11. Solar Panels

Overview of the measures taken:
The school involves all its students in diverse activities to preserve every aspect of nature. From saving water, to saving soil, planting trees, spreading awareness through skits and performances and numerous other activities.

Steps You Can take to preserve and conserve nature

  1. Reduce toxic waste
  2. Avoid single use plastic
  3. Sustainable living by reducing carbon footprint
  4. Use of Solar Panels
  5. Carpool
  6. Avoid Fast Fashion
  7. Plant Trees
  8. Volunteer and Educate
  9. Rainwater harvesting
  10. Consume Less

Discussing environmental protection through regular conversation, blogs, vlogs, novels, and articles creates a ripple effect which informs more people and makes it part of their daily life. Promote the cause and bring it up everywhere, not only in specific situations.
To better grasp the entire effects of our decisions, we need to consider the worth of nature from an economic and social perspective. We must understand that maintaining the quality of the natural environment is essential to ensuring our continued existence on the planet.

Thanking You,

Sudha Goyal
[School Director]

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