Every Child is A Buddha

Every Child is A Buddha - A seminar by Sanjiv Ranjan (5)

Every Child is A Buddha

Every Child is A Buddha
A seminar on “Teach to Reach” reach to each child’s heart, was organized at Scottish High to encourage teachers to explore the positive perspective of reasoning. The seminar’s main objective was to educate teachers on how they can mentor their students to connect to the positive vibrance of energy and kindle positive thinking in their lives.
The session was conducted by Sanjiv Ranjan, a Theta healer, author of the best selling book” Seven Mystical Laws of self-healing’ and the founder of All India Institute of Mind-Body Medicine.
Exemplifying the need to connect to the positive self, the session reflected on different Tools n Techniques like focused breathing, yogic clap, meditation, Om chanting etc. Addressing the large assembly of teachers, Sanjiv Ranjan also emphasized on the need to connect to a child not only at a mental level but to emotional as well as spiritual level. He further shared the sacred meaning of Teach and that is to Transform each.
It was a very informative and enjoyable experience where participants learnt how to use the power of their Subconscious mind.

Posted By admin in News, Workshops & Excursions, on May 22, 2019

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