Expert Talk 2021


Expert Talk 2021

Expert Talk 2021- Recently, the students of Scottish High International School Baccalaureate program experienced an interactive session based around the Business World. Mrs Garima Moitra, the mother of student Yash Moitra, was invited to share some of the expertise she collected in her 20+ years of corporate experience with the students, who were excited to learn more.

Across the disciplines of Business Management, Economics, Psychology, and History, the session was based around the Impact of COVID-19 on Employment Opportunities, a topic with a global perspective and a universally applicable background in the given scenario. The session was begun with a short introduction initiated by student Hiya Khatri. Talking about the point of view of a business, Mrs Moitra spoke of falling profits and the need to cut costs, whereas she also explained the perspective of employees, who became less productive. Coming to the psychological aspect of this, she mentioned the mental health impact of all of this on people. Providing historical context as well, she mentioned how this was much worse than the 2008 recession that she saw firsthand as a recruitment expert.

Overseen by Ms Pooja Sharma, Ms Pratima Upaadhyay, Ms Ruchi Mathur, and Ms Smriti Dudeja, the session also involved several tips and pieces of advice to the students for their upskilling and opportunity diversification. Overall, the session was extremely enriching and was a key component in the exposure of our students to the real corporate world, of which they will soon become a part.

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