Expert Talks organized by the Counselling Department

Expert Talk by Counselling Department

Expert Talks organized by the Counselling Department

Series of Expert Talks were organized for the students of Middle and Senior School. Mr. Andy Raeburn, admission officer at Carleton University, conducted a session with the students of Grade XI DP and XII ISC and DP. The session aimed at ‘Digital Dependency’. The speaker spoke about the judicious use of digital networks and its positive as well as negative dependence on college readiness. He also threw light on the admission process, eligibility criterias and fees for admission into Carelton University.

Counselling department conducted sessions with the students of Grades VI and VII on ‘Identifying interests, strengths and skills’. The sessions began with identifying a virtue that students would like to keep alive in their memories throughout the session. They were invited to share the virtues they have thought of. They watched two videos to understand the meaning of strength and its difference from skills. This was followed by two activities. In the first activity, students identified the skills required for the job profile displayed on the projector. This activity strengthened their understanding of the skills. In the second activity, learners created three mind maps, with the help of which they identified their interests, strengths and skills. This activity was followed by reflection in which learners identified a link between the three. This session helped learners in identifying their strengths, which will further help them in knowing their strengths better.

Expert talk on Profile building was also conducted with the students of Grades IX and X by the Counselling department. The session began with a motivational video. Students shared their reflections from the same and learned that everyone has their own pace to cope with the pressure. In the session, learners were made aware of the importance of working on strengthening their overall profile, starting from Grade IX, as per the requirements of university admissions. They were enlightened on the various ways of building and strengthening their profiles. This was indeed an eye opening session for the students.

Learners shared their thoughts during the sessions and clarified doubts wherever required.

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