Extended Essay Workshop 2021


Extended Essay Workshop 2021

An extended essay workshop was conducted online for Grade XI IBDP students and teachers.
Focus area of the workshop-
·    Requirements and importance of extended essay
·   Types of extended essay- Single subject essay
                                         Interdisciplinary Extended Essay which includes:
                                         World studies – six global issues
                                          Literature and performance

·  Mandatory Reflection sessions-
      Researchers Reflection Space
      Supervisory reflection session
      Reflection on planning and progress form
      The viva voce

·      Extended essay criteria
·      Plagiarism
·      Citation
·      Bibliography

·      How to start

Students were informed to work on the selection of their subjects and were also advised to start working on their extended essay presentation to be held in September 2021.It was quite an interactive session, where the students actively raised queries and concerns which were addressed by the attending faculty members. 

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