FDP Feedback – 4C

Appreciation note

FDP Feedback – 4C

Dear Mam,

I wanted to extend my heartfelt appreciation for the amazing performance by children of grade 4C and tireless effort by teachers, especially Smriti Mam. She had put in so much effort into the event and it showed in the performance of the children. The enthusiasm and fervour of the children was even contagious.

The fact that the children were also very happy was the icing on the cake. I know there were so many children who were unwell on and off. And there were also a number of unplanned leaves that occured in the last two weeks leading to the grand function. But that did not stop Smriti Mam from doing what’s best for her children.

I also want to take this opportunity to provide feedback for Smriti mam. Smriti mam is always so understanding and encouraging with Vivaan. Like every kid, he is good at some things but may be slow at others. He has told me numerous times how mam helps him and explains multiple times and different ways as needed. He loves to go to school. I am sure he must be one of the earliest kids to be in school, I drop him everyday by 7:20. He is so excited to go to the school that it amazes me every morning and it is absolutely zero effort for me. This enthusiasm can definitely be credited majorly to Smriti mam. It also speaks volumes about the teachers and the environment that the children receive in school. I have always encountered great teachers at SHIS, Smrtiti mam is definitely one of them.

Chandni Agarwal
Mother of Vivaan Singh, 4C

Posted By admin in News, Parent Feedback, on September 4, 2023



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