Feedback of PYP Exhibition

PYP Exhibition

Feedback of PYP Exhibition

Dear Priya Maam,

Ma’am we are thrilled and overwhelmed to see each and every child performing with so much passion and dedication !!.  It was a treat to watch everyone. Kudos to you ma’am for all your efforts and hardwork.

Parent of Vinisha 5E

Dear Priya Maam,

First of all what a day chosen….BASANT PANCHAMI…

Thank you Priya Mam…for all ur Guidance and support to kids…

Loved the energy in kidoos…

The Topics..Their Presentation…Every Desk was thoughtfully set and knowledgeable… Every Kids showcased great TEAMWORK….

Future all rounder’s were in a room today….

Thank you kids and Priya mam for a great knowledge and visual session for parents..☺️

5E Jivansh’s mom

Dear Priya Maam,

Words are short to describe how amazing & wonderful performances we saw today. All the kids have been so phenomenal. It was evident how much efforts, energy, thought and creativity they have put in!!!! Super proud

5E Anvi’s mom

Dear Priya Maam,

Thank you so much ma’am for all the efforts n guidance to kids. It was truly mesmerizing seeing them all performing so well. Everything was meticulously planned n organized.  We enjoyed all the presentations.  hats off to you n your hard work with kids.

Shaurya’s mom 5C

Dear Priya Maam,

Thank you ma’am for your efforts and to the students who were awesome today. They all rocked the PYP Exhibition was spectacular. We are very proud of grade 5-E. everything was flawless. Keep up the good work.

Warm regards,

Isha’s parents

Dear Priya Maam,

Yes Mam; we visited all the sections and noted our class had it all : puppet shows ; dance ; songs ; skits and models

Rishaan’s mom- 5C

Dear Priya Maam,

Wanted to share my feelings and experience after visiting the witnessing the exhibits from the young mind in making! Have no words to justify my feelings. It was such a mesmerising experience for me and Pragati. We were in awe and totally spell bound to see and hear out the thought process of grade V kids. The knowledge they shared and the confidence they showed, with total in depth grasp of what they have been brought up learning under your able guidance is not less than a Wow experience. Their performances, their will to jump up and perform without hesitation and with so much confidence simply pulled me to think ‘what these kids r doing is simply Awesome! Your whole heartedness and devotion that led them to perform today cannot be expressed in …

Father of Esh 5E

Dear Sanjay Sir,

I wanted to share my feedback on PYP today. Excellent performance by Kids of Class V-A, particularly Well Being Warriors for their impeccable energy, research, hard work and cooperation that was presented to parents in the form of a very thought provoking skit, a group song and Dance performance. As parents, we are extremely thankful to the school for organising this event and most special thanks to the class teacher Ms Anshu Jain for always encouraging and motivating kids to move forward in the right direction. Regards, Anita (mother of Myra Gupta, V-A)

Dear Anita Maam,

PYPX is a great platform to exhibit the intriguing extremely important SDG’s which are around us. Children took us off feet through their performances and displays. Extremely well-coordinated and supported by you mam.

Creating awareness on such big concerns flawlessly and comfortably by children is commendable.

Loved every part of PYPX

Thank you so much

From Vayun’s parents 5B

Dear Anita Maam,

As I couldn’t come and see Amaira and other kids’ performance in PYPX today due to my low health. Was all prepared but yes the difficulty in my walk made us to decide not to go. Really missed it! But saw the videos her father captured. It was amazingly done by all the kids and her performance delivery was really overwhelming for me. All credit goes to you, thank you for putting encouragement in her and making her doing that role!!

From Amaira’s mother 5B

Dear Anita Maam,

The pyp exibhition was very nice it was wonderful I loved it the posters and models were very beautiful it was fabulous thanking you so much Maam the children spoke so well it was an amazing experience thank you so much it really was wonderful.

The children collaborated so well. Thank you so much

Samaira Gupta’s mother 5B

Dear Smita Maam,

The commitment students have shown was commendable. It was impressive how they expressed themselves both verbally and through their work.Thank you Smita Ma’am for putting this together for our children. They will hold this memory in their hearts for many years to come

5F- Mother of Prisha Dua

Respected Smita Maam,

Congratulations to you and all the students of class 5F for a successful and well-organized exhibition day. It was well thought, well prepared, well-coordinated and well-presented. 

All Teachers and students have done hard work. Every champion performed awesomely. Great job ma’am, and hats off to all the teachers. The dedication and tremendous efforts of the teachers and students was showing through clearly. Thank you for letting us be a part of this amazing exhibition.



5F- Mother of Urvee Repaswal.

Dear Smita Maam,

Thank you for organizing such a captivating exhibition! The models showcased were exceptionally innovative, and it was heartwarming to witness the enthusiasm with which the children explained them.  Special appreciation goes to the teachers whose guidance and support made this exhibition so informative n interesting , and to the school for fostering an environment where such imaginative learning flourishes.

5F- Mother of Ariana Srivastava

Dear Smita Maam,

Hello ma’am her father attended it and he was surprised seeing the kids so enthusiastic and they were saying all of their lines so fluently he loved the dance specially the pyramid he made a video and showed it to me I was also like these children have grown up they were doing everything without parents help Aradhya always used to say that I’m doing PYP EXHIBITION preparation and did not used to show me any thing we’re so proud of the kids and thank you so much for your support and cooperation also ma’am…….

5F- Mother of  Aradhaya Yadav

Dear Anshu Maam,

Excellent performance by Kids of Class V-A, particularly  Well Being warriors for their impeccable energy, research, hard work and cooperation that was presented to parents in the form of a very thought provoking skit, a group song and Dance performance. As parents, we are extremely thankful to the school for organising this event and most special thanks to the class teacher Ms Anshu Jain for always encouraging and motivating kids to move forward in the right direction.

Myra 5A

Good afternoon Anshu ma’am

I would like to congratulate you and all the young highlanders of grade 5 A for successfully conducting a great PYP EXHIBITION today.

It was a joy to watch the young learners full of enthusiasm and presenting a theme like the SDGs which is the need of the hour. The hard work and dedication of the learners and the teacher was evident.

Thank you ma’am for being a great mentor and guide to the kids.


Geeta Joshi

Aaradhya mom 5 A

Dear Anshu Maam,

I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for your guidance and support during the PYP exhibition. Your dedication to helping children showcase their learning and talents was truly inspiring.  Thank you for your tireless efforts in empowering our students to shine and for being an exceptional mentor throughout the entire process.

Rhea 5 A

Good evening Anita Ma’am,

What a super enthusiastic and energetic start of the day it was….The exhibition was outstanding.The way these kids showcased their talents with such a confidence is commendable.Thankyou for all your love and support Ma’am.The way you encourage them on every step is applaudable.

Anaya always tells me how zestful and exuberant you are She is lucky to have you as her mentor

Ma’am thank you so much once again

Lots of love and Regards,

Ashima    Anaya 5B

Good evening Aruna Ma’am,

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to see such beautiful performances and talent.

You’ve guided them well as they are confident and clear in their understanding..

Thank you and warm regards

Tanishi’s mom- 5C

Dear Priya Ma’am

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to witness the awesome work done by the  children. None of this would have been possible without your guidance and support.

It was an amazing exhibition and the children have learnt so much. Not just about SDGs but also how to work as a team, how to prioritize and how to appreciate each other’s efforts.

Thank you once again. Proud to have made the decision to have study at Scottish High.

Thank you so much.



(Viha’s mother)

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Good evening ma’am! Kudos to all kids and all your efforts in guiding them at every step!! It was a fantastic performance today! We were simply awed by the way they portrayed all Stg’s

A Bigg applause for YOU and all kids

Vivaan Tiwari 5H

Dear Anshu Maam,

Dear Mam it was such a pleasure to watch all the kids at PYP programme .. the enthusiasm clarity team work was so visible .. all the performances from skit to dance posture to musical show all were so beautifully presented that it was a great experience.. may these kids shine bright in all their endeavours and thank you mam for all your guidance and support , space for them grow to their best version

Krish 5 A

Dear Reeta Maam,

The PYP Exhibition was very well planned and executed. Children spoke very well and were aware of what they were saying. They had a full understanding of the content. The skits were fun n had a good message. The group activities were interactive. Hardwork of the teachers behind all this was palpable.  Thanks a lot for all that you do!

Parin Khandelwal 5H

Dear Reeta Maam,

Thanks for helping n pushing kids to prepare PYP exhibition.. we could see kids effort .i must say whole class is quite disciplined.

 Pehlaaj Gohalwar 5 H

Big thank you to Madhulika and Sita Maam

What am amazing show!!!! The children are confident, prepared and so excited. We loved every minute of it. Needless to say none of this is possible without the teachers constant guidance , support and encouragement. Hats off Madhulika Maam and Sita maam for your hard work and dedication to this event. Another level.

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Outstanding PYP exhibition

To begin with I would like to first thank the mentors Mrs.Madhulika,Mrs.Sita & Mrs.Shivangi for unwavering support and guidance to students.The exhibit was exemplary with soo much efforts by students and teachers.The concepts of SDG’s were clearly expressed and showcased .The models were very innovative and informative.We as parents gained a lot of knowledge through the exhibition too.

Thank You

Parina Mahajan

Dear Madhulika Maam,


really vibrant dances ,posters and models

thank you children an all teachers for the spectacular show you have put in a lot of effort I love everything. especially the effort and time Madhulika and Sita maam have put to make this moment such a

wonderful and amazing . This was a moment full of happiness joy and knowledge. thank you children to make all of us have a wonderful moment . I enjoyed so much and also love to all by me !

Thanking You


Nisha ( m/o Vedikaa)

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Aanya Gandhi

Thank you Madhulika Maam, Sita Maam, Shivangi Maam and Sumit sir for the amazing games , models , posters ,charts ,dance and skit . We enjoyed a lot ,the children could not have done it without you . It was a awesome learning experience.

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Kudos to V-D! Excellent PYP exhibition

What a fabulous performance witnessed today by Grade V-D! Great team work demonstrated. The way each group took complete ownership of their SDGs and exhibited everything with thorough research in backend, giving their best efforts, speaks volume on how well these kids are being taught and guided. It was a memorable show and the class looked beautiful with all the charts, models and posters. A big thanks to Madhulika and Seeta ma’am for the consistent support and guidance they have provided to the kids. Congratulations to all!


Sonam ( m/o Riaan Singh)

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Hurrah moment for 5D

“The duties of a teacher are neither few nor small,but they elevate the mind and give energy to the character”, quoted Dorothea Dix :-)

Madhulika maam Sita ma’am.. Firstly let me thank you for making this PYP a stepping stone of achievement for Responsible Everyday learning of the SDG’S for our kids. Your encouragement , paience,innovative presentation & guidance shone beautifully through the Clear Concept Boards ,Nukkad Naataks ,Song & Dance(Sumit sir) & easy flow of events.

The kids were supportive of each other & conducted the exhibition gracefully explaining concepts with full clarity showcasing the discipline & character maintained by you in the class .

The Justifiers ,The Recreators , The Healthy warriors & The Life savers – all showed us a bright future with clear understanding of the hard work that we all need to put in.

Thank you once again for an enlightening & memorable experience that we will carry with us.

Keep spreading this light of knowledge

Shine on

Shelly Rathee

(M/O of Advaya Rathee 5D)

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Extraordinary Pyp exhibition

Thank You Madhulika Maam and Sita Maam for all the love, care and dedication that you have put into teaching these children, Remarkable ways of presenting skits, dance, ppt, games and display board. We are beyond grateful for your guidance and support. Words cannot describe our appreciation. Your hard work and appreciation is thoroughly evident.

Thank you so so much.

Zoie’s Parents

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Amyra Dayma

Well done kids You all were so confident and displayed all the learning principles in your PYPX like open minded, communicator, caring, principled knowledgeable n many more excellent work

Dear Madhulika Maam,

PYP exhibition

Kids did a wonderful job. They exhibited very well with great knowledge.

All thanks to class teacher & mentors for the support.


Sonal Kapoor

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Appreciate the spectacular performances by all students and great to see how far they have come.

Kudos to the efforts by all teachers. You all have really worked hard with all students and that work reflects in their shining performances .

Congratulations ! Way to go kiddos !

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Spectacular performance

Kudos to children, Madhulika Ma’am and Sita Ma’am for putting in so much efforts for today’s exhibition. Great performance by all the groups. All the presentation, posters, models, skits, dance were all so well thought through and presented well.

Children have learned a lot about SDGs through this exhibition which hopefully stays with them life long.

Big thanks and shoutout to Madhulika Ma’am to prepare and guide children so well for this spectacular performance


Ruchi (m/o Vivaan 5 D)

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Awesome performance by the team Recreators

Exhibition, Skit, Dance everything very well performed by all children. Beautiful models and charts all over the class enhanced beauty. All the very best to Grade 5-D in their future endeavours. Thanks Ms. Madhulika and all related teachers for coordinating this fruitful event.

Deepali & Virender Dagar

P/o Veer Singh Dagar

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Incredible show by all 4 groups .. energy was infectious & immensely pleased with enhanced awareness among kids for SDGs that shall make them & us parents more conscious about being more responsible towards SDG goals!

Appreciate HRT & all involved teachers for guiding children to become self sufficient in planning and executing the PYP Exhibition involving team work & collaboration.

F/O Aarima Bhutani 5-D

Dear Madhulika Maam,

Excellent performance by Ayana Mahajan

Well done, kids. All of you did a wonderful job today and performed really well

We are so proud of you

Thanks to Madhulika Ma’am for her guidance and mentoring the students.

Dear Madhulika Maam,

PYP Exhibition

Dear Ma’am and Students,

Today’s showcase was so fantastic and brilliantly done! What an Awesome presentation! The team work , concept understanding, research skills , the confidence with which all the children presented, co-ordination and the way they supported each other, speaks volumes on the hard work, guidance and grooming that has gone behind it! Thank you Ma’am for all your efforts, guidance and for bringing out the best from all the kids!

Huge applause to the entire team of Life Savers – with the SGD theme Life under water. The presentation, models, skit, dance, games , book marks … everything was so detailed and aligned with the theme.

Congratulations to all the students, we totally loved everyone’s presentation and admired their confidence !

Big thanks to Madhulika Ma’am !


Sowmya & Avinash

P/o Shanaya Singh 5 D

Dear Madhulika Maam,

We were really thrilled to attend today’s PYP event. I am really moved by the kind of performances, demonstrations and presentation delivered by the kids. Such a meaningful event with apt themes in the form of SDGs, which will stay in their minds, as young students, thus making them the real warriors of change. These events are for sure going to carve out their academic interests going forward, invoking a sense of curiosity and responsibility that they carry on their shoulders. Iam highly impressed with the performance of Advik as well. Sincere thanks to HRT – Madhulika mam and other teachers who helped the kids to make this event a grand success! Thank you!! Arun (Father of Advik Iyer 5D)

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