Gallery walk feedback

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Gallery walk feedback

Dear Kanchan Maam,

It’s a first gallery walk for Prahaan and it is unbelievable and encouraging that he performed so well .. his song was superb. Thank you Kanchan Ma’am for unveiling his talent. 🌟💫⭐️✨

Prahaan’s parents Grade 1 E

Dear Kanchan Maam,

The gallery walk was amazing vivaan was confident while explaining everything it was good to know what all they have learned till now. Special thanks to Kanchan mam for bringing out the best in our child. Vivaan’s parents Grade 1 E

Dear Seema Maam,

The gallery walk session held on 5th Aug was nice one to witness. It started with a lovely exhibit of the tasks performed by kids. Later on there was a surprise treat for us in the form of a ‘sing and dance’ performance by the group of kids. Advay looked confident and responsible. It shows your effort towards the personal development of the kids. Thanks for all your efforts Mam.

Anika and Arun (Advay’s parents) 1F

Dear Rupali Maam,

Thanks a lot ma’am for all your efforts over kids. We are really glad to see the classroom and multiple activities and engagement of kids and their discipline. Amazing job ma’am 😇😇

Aavya’s mother has sent the video along 2E

Dear Mansi Ma’am

Thank you for putting all your efforts with the children. It was indeed a great experience yesterday of the gallery walk. We could see the improvement in Ayaansh’s confidence level from last year. And it was great to see the excitement in him for this event.

Thank you for doing an amazing job with Ayaansh 🙏

Ayaansh Mom 3D

Dear Pallavi Maam,

Thank u so much for the wonderful pictures ! It was an amazing experience for us with Vivaan doing a gallery walk and the patience you have of the kids along with the warmth u bring on the table

Gratitude for all u do

Vivaan’s mother 3F

Dear Anshu Maam,

Good morning maam. Yesterday was a big day for Rhea. First up, such an amazing gallery walk being put up. Your hard work was clearly visible in how confidently the children put up the entire show. To end the day, all of them again got together to have a memorable party. It is amazing to see the kids getting their share of education and fun time…all in a day!!! Cant thank you enough maam.

5A Rhea Mendiratta

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