Going Native with Nature – A Plantation Drive

Going Native with Nature- A plantation drive (1)

Going Native with Nature – A Plantation Drive

On their mission to make the environment better and sustainable for the future, the Highlanders took a step further by participating in a campaign to conserve the biodiversity of the Aravalli Ranges.

Taking a collective action with leading environmentalists and volunteers of the NGO ‘I AM GURGAON’, the Highlanders planted more than 200 native trees at various places like Sikanderpur Bundh, MG Road Gurugram etc.

Led and guided by the renowned ecologist Mr Vijay Dasmana, the Highlanders planted various native species like Bistendu, Goya Khair, Chamrod, Khejri, Dhak, Adulsa, Marodphali, Desi Babool etc. which are elemental to the ecology of the Aravalli ranges. Relevant to note that these native trees will help in restoring flora and fauna by recharging the groundwater table.

‘Nature needs natural’ and who understands it better than Highlanders!

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