Highlanders participated in a Tree Plantation Drive

Tree Plantation Drive by school

Highlanders participated in a Tree Plantation Drive

Climate change is a reality and its pace is increasing at an alarming rate. Concern about climate change makes people all over the world join hands and do their bit to save the planet from Global Warming. Youth Climate Action Day is a worldwide movement of young people who are concerned about climate change and global injustice. Since 2012 young people in several countries of the world started concrete actions for climate protection and climate justice around the date of the UN-Climate Conference. Contributing to the movement, 125 Highlanders from Grade 6-12th and teachers of Scottish High International School participated in a Plantation Drive, to celebrate the Youth Climate Action Day on 5th December 2020. The students of Class XI (Geography) took the initiative and compiled the information on the plants which were planted and their uses on a ARC-GIS cascade map. The link to this map is provided below. It showcases the work of the Highlanders and their efforts and endeavours on reducing pollution in Gurgaon. It’s a beautiful collection of all the activities that took place on Youth Climate Action Day.

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