Highlanders Spread Smiles Among Visually Challenged Students

All India in Confederation of Blinds

Highlanders Spread Smiles Among Visually Challenged Students

As a part of their CAS initiative, Grade XII DP Students (Session 22-24) visited the AICB (All India in Confederation of Blinds) Captain Chandanlal School for the Blinds at Village Behrampur for community service.

Highlanders interacted with the Visually Challenged students and carried out many eco-friendly and fun-filled activities. They planted saplings of trees like curry patta, lemons and jamun near their kitchen and dining area. As a part of the beautification drive, they also planted saplings of trees like ficus and palms to beautify their front lawn and increase the green canopy of the school to improve the quality of air and the overall environment.

During their visit, their interaction with them was no less enlightening. People may presume these differently-abled kids are destitute or consumed with sorrow or pain. However, while interacting with them, they seemed to be immensely proud of themselves and have wisdom similar to that of an intellectual and mature persona. Even with one sense numb, their other senses are remarkable, allowing them the abilities that people are very detached from in today’s world. They rely on physical touch and sound, proximity and emotions.

Our Highlanders displayed great enthusiasm and zeal during the visit, showing a genuine interest in understanding the lives of visually impaired students. They had the opportunity to learn about their unique methods of reading, writing, and learning, including the use of specialized equipment such as German slates, Taylor frames for calculations and mathematics, special typewriters and photocopiers to print in braille, special IT labs with the computers having ‘talking’ software etc. The visit also provided the Highlanders with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by visually impaired individuals in our society.

Highlanders made a sincere effort to contribute to the welfare of the school and its students. They gave them skipping ropes, chocolates, juices, biscuits and refreshments. They also had the opportunity to interact with the Principal of the School Mrs Nina Rani, who shared her valuable insights into the funding and management of the school. Highlanders also had meaningful conversations with the students, learning about their experiences and even teaching them how to skip rope.

It was an enriching and memorable experience for the Highlanders. They promised to continue volunteering in many more such endeavours that will inspire them and other Highlanders to engage in meaningful community service and contribute more to the betterment of society.

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