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IGCSE Programme

IGCSE Programme

Cambridge Programme At SHIS

The Opportunity To Grow With Meaningful Learning Experience

Cambridge coordinator Mr.Pawan Mittal
Cambridge Curriculum Head – Mr Pawan Mittal

The opportunity for a worthwhile and meaningful educational experience is the right of every student at the Scottish High International School. Reflecting on the recent changes in the world’s environment, CIE curriculum brings the outside world live into the classroom and presents learners with insights from all over the globe. We expect our learner’s to:
•·Be positive, polite, courteous and considerate.
•·Be respectful, of yourself and others.
•·Participate, fully in class and always do your best.
•·Be punctual, to school, and avoid unnecessary absences.
•·Be honest, with yourself and with others.
•·Look after yourself, both physically and mentally

As you move into your Cambridge programme, you will find that you have better assessments in your curriculum. We are concerned about your overall well being, not just how good your grades are. We consider communication, critical thinking, Decision making and negotiating as essential life skills. Therefore, Educational Camps, outdoor activities, Food expedition, Leadership programme, Debate, Extempore and Various sports activities etc are the integral part of our curriculum which will boost up your confidence and will make you an expert of your field.
If at any time you are worried about your academics, or any other aspect of your life, seek help immediately. Your clan tutor is the first person to go to, or you could talk to any subject teacher you feel particularly close to. All the staff members and the school counsellors are always there to help you both academically and personally. You are an integral part of the SHIS family and we treat all your concerns with empathy and keep it confidential. All the challenges you face will be res·olved in the best possible way.