Inter Clan Plan, Construct and Design Competition

Inter Clan Plan Construct and Design Competition

Inter Clan Plan, Construct and Design Competition

Science Department of Scottish High International School organized an Inter Clan Competition for Grade 7 students. The competition aimed to develop students’ scientific thinking and problem-solving skills by addressing significant societal issues through planning, constructing, and designing a scientific model.

The competition included various topics and the participants were required to choose one of them to work on.

The students had to use eco-friendly materials to build their models, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The competition was held between different clans of Grade 7 students, promoting healthy competition and teamwork. The judges evaluated the projects based on their scientific creativity, sustainability, and effectiveness in addressing the chosen issue.

The competition proved to be a great success, and the students showcased impressive scientific skills and innovative thinking. The competition encouraged students to think about societal issues and find ways to address them through science.

Overall, the Inter Clan Competition for Grade 7 by the Science Department of proved to be an excellent initiative towards promoting scientific thinking, problem-solving skills, and environmental responsibility among students.

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