Juhi Dhawan

Juhi Dhawan

Dear Lakshmi ma’am, 
Thanks for the letter from Seema ma’am. A very commendable plan to teach our tiny tots. The way to gradually increase classes is really helping kids cope well. 
I’m a really happy and proud parent of Scottish High the way you all are handling this responsibility of teaching our kids.
Lakshmi ma’am your style and teaching aids and methodology has worked and helped connect with the students. Drishti looks forward to your online sessions. Your time management and patience with the super active and sometimes noisy class is worth appreciating. 
Adding zoom sessions by dance and music faculty has also added to the fun and extracurricular learning of the children.
Looking forward to more learning and fun from you.
Regards, Juhi Dhawan

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on July 1, 2020

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