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Jyyoti Agarwal

Dear Scottish High Team ,
I would like to shout out for  “Mrs Vijaylaxmi Rajan ” (5D HRT). She is an incredible teacher with immense knowledge, patience and passion for her work! 
The pandemic, have taught us and pulled us into a totally different world, ‘A Virtual world’ ! It’s not easy to adopt such a big change, specially when it comes to teaching small children online. I am so happy and feel blessed to have  Vijaylaxmi Ma’am as my child’s HRT. 
The amount of hard work she puts in searching the coaching material like videos, ppts, online sites, then makes the students understand the same with so much patience is commendable. She is certainly one of the best teachers my child has got in Scottish!
Thanks for all your efforts and love for your students !!!

Amit / Jyyoti Agarwal Parents (Adviik Agarwal 5D)

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on October 19, 2020

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