Kirrtika Kapoor

Kirrtika Kapoor

Hi Mam,

The current circumstances are definitely not ideal however, the Online Classes have given us (parents) a window to peep-in and have an insightful view of the several approaches adopted by Teachers in dealing with kids in various scenarios, sensitively handling their inquisitive minds, managing their different behavior patterns, varying point of views, their innocence, their restlessness, their excitement and most importantly their understandable/pardonable naughtiness!!  

So in a way, these online sessions have been a blessing in disguise….as we (parents) are now in a better position to empathize, understand and appreciate the HRT’s perspective/point of view more rationally!! (which was somewhat missing earlier)

(Would just like to clarify here pls. that I don’t attend/sit through kimaya’s classes, just that since the laptop is connected with speakers so get to overhear some sessions, while finishing my official work/daily chores. Hence these observations )  

Our Observation/Feedback

Mam, first & foremost – Would like to begin by mentioning that we sincerely appreciate the incredible & most appropriate manner in which you handle all the kids, however will restrict my feedback to Kimaya’s progress for obvious reasons. 

Kimaya’s Feedback

Kimaya is a sporty, sensitive, carefree child with a mind of her own (as rightly pointed out by you as well mam), who works well with encouragement and positive affirmation. She often questions the unquestioned areas & is a lateral thinker who often comes up with out-of-the box approaches. She enjoys outdoor sports, gymnastics, creatively lego building and of late, is displaying great interest in science experiments as well. She can be dramatic, naughty and is often restless/excited to share just about everything!!     

We would really want her to work on her Areas of Improvement, which are as given under : –

·        More sensitive to Timelines – She shouldn’t procrastinate till the last hour for completing her work & do it well in time rather than just-in time.

·        More Accurate – She can work towards reducing silly/careless mistakes done due to hurrying up and not rechecking. 

·        More Confident –  Can’t understand why she suddenly freezes/becomes conscious when asked to respond despite knowing about things and being over-confident otherwise!!

Overall Feedback

We are glad to see that Kimaya has adjusted well under your experienced mentoring and are therefore confident, that she will have a great journey ahead of academic learning & acquiring desired life skills, to become a contributing human being on world stage.

We were also pleased to interact with you during the PTM mam and truly admired your thorough professionalism from an overall prespective.

Thank you once again mam for your constant encouragement, patience, understanding and valueable guidance. Appreciate it!! 

Warm regards,

Kirrtika Kapoor

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on July 1, 2020

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