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This is to bring to your notice a noble deed done by a young student of Scottish High which goes in hand with the teachings of the school. My daughter, Ishya Rao, 6-H had painstakingly made a working model of Water Harvesting and Conservation for the science exhibition conducted in school. After the exhibition, rather than discarding it, she discussed with me if there were other options of using it fruitfully. In our endeavour, we learnt of a lady who is a cancer patient and is in dire need for funds. Ishya immediately agreed to put her model up for monetary benefits. I’m proud to say that it was sold within 4 hours with the help of her art teacher. She raised Rs 1500 for it which the lady received with a lot of gratitude.
A heartfelt thank you to Scottish High family for instilling the values of caring and empathy in our children, raising them to be good human beings.
A word of loving appreciation for Ms Sonia Jain, her science teacher who was instrumental in discussing and encouraging Ishya to not only come with an idea but also guiding her throughout the exhibition. Her words of encouragement meant a lot to Ishya prompting her to put in her best efforts.

Thank you to the entire SHIS family for your teachings of love and compassion


Attached below is the appeal for funds and appreciation message from the lady who helped auction the model, with Ishya during the exhibition.

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on October 17, 2019

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