Memories of my year with Suzanne Maam in grade 4

Memories of my year with Suzanne Maam in grade 4

Memories of my year with Suzanne Maam in grade 4

That day when I was the first student to come to class, I saw Suzanne ma’am, sitting in front of her computer.
I was already imagining a room full of giggles, laughter and noise. That’s when my day began. When the work started, I came back to my senses and realised I was a fourth-grader Suddenly! our vacation started.
After the holidays, I was so excited to go back to my favourite teacher, Suzanne Ma’am.
By mid-year, I knew there were only 6 months left to be with Ma’am. I was half happy and half sad.
Happy because after a few months I would be a fifth-grader and sad because I would have to leave my Suzanne ma’am behind.
Suzanne ma’am was a wonderful class teacher.
She had a knack for being funny, calm and strict at the same time.
Frankly speaking, I think she is one of the best teachers for me till now.
Her passion and affection have always inspired me to do my best at all times.
I have made uncountable, lovely memories that I will cherish for a long time.
Dear Suzanne ma’am, you have made your place in my heart and I will always miss you.



Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on March 25, 2020

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