Mrinalini Talukdar

Mrinalini Talukdar

Dear Maaám, 
It was a pleasure being introduced to you as Kovit’s HRT for the present school year. Kovit has been enjoying his online sessions and looks forward to meeting you and his friends online.
We are grateful for your patience with the children as they cope with the new normal during these unprecedented times. We especially appreciate your efforts in making each session productive and engaging at the same time. We laud your patience during these sessions and the effort you make to give each child an opportunity to share ideas with their classroom peers and of course with you. 
We are very happy with your encouragement of Kovit’s efforts and instilling a sense of responsibility and ownership during these classes. We look forward to a great school year. 
Best Regards,
Mrinalini Talukdar    

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on July 1, 2020

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