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Nancy & Vishwas

Good Morning Ma’am,
It was really good to connect with you on Saturday for the PTM. It gives us immense confidence when we see someone as seasoned as you investing your time with these kids of 4th B grade. As i mentioned, we see you as a highly trained kite flyer (read kite as kids), who knows when to pull the string and when to loosen it. 
All the classes are very engaging and we firmly believe that you give the right / balanced focus on every student. We have seen Advik shaping up in this class and acknowledge your feedback / inputs given in the mid-term report. We will continue working with you to ensure Advik becomes a brighter and a confident student.
Thank you for all that you do. 
Best regards

Nancy & Vishwas (Parents of Advik Sharma 

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on October 19, 2020

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