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Negar Tripathi

Dear Sanjay Sir,

Greetings of the day!

This is my second note to you in the current academic session.

In today’s testing times when a tiny virus has scared and scarred the entire human race, it has taught us life lessons too. That we can do so much with so little. That we can adapt well and quick.  

We as parents have witnessed this not only in our children but also in the exemplary teachers who are taking this uncertain situation with such grace and poise and along the way guiding the students in the art of knowledge and education.

It is rightly said that teaching is work of heart and this is so aptly reflected in the teachers that are part of my children’s life, with a special mention of Ms Karishma Bisht, class teacher of my younger son, Aahaan Tripathi of 6 A.

Along with being his class teacher, she is also his Maths teacher, a subject that I still dread and a subject that my son tends to understand and enjoy with much more sincerity than I ever did. What meant more to me than her teaching technique is her intrinsic interest in the well -being of her students. Her ability to correct and discipline and her adeptness to tending to the infinity part…. infinite joy, infinite possibilities, infinite pathways to success, infinite things to cherish, infinite ways to learn….. Infinite ways of being positive. As a maths teacher she is beyond admirable, but as a guide in my child’s life what struck me was that the value of integrity came before integration and her strive to give more love than logic.

It really touched me when she took the effort to inform me that my son was not so regular in his classes in the past week. The interest and the effort despite the ever increasing dimension of work is really commendable. This might be a routine gesture on her part, but it meant the world to me. It meant that someone was genuinely looking out for my child and was an equal custodian in his growth charter.

These small yet very significant acts of responsibility make us distinguish the minute from the massive and discern the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. And my kids are privileged and blessed to receive this at Scottish High.

Teachers like Ms Karishma Bisht will truly steer their wards to take the plunge of breaking barriers and enter a world of knowledge which later transcends to become wisdom. Today I send a silent yet fervent prayer and good vibes to bless the teachers and hope that all the good work they are doing magnifies and manifests in making this generation a good generation. 

With sincere gratitude,

Negar TripathiMother of Aahaan Tripathi (6A)

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on September 26, 2020

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