Negar Tripathi

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Negar Tripathi

Dear Seema Ma’am,

Would like to put on record my experience at the Gallery Walk on 31stof August.

I was more than pleasantly surprised to witness my son, Aahaan Tripathi of Class 5 A take me through his learnings in the past few months. The confidence in his demeanor, the conviction in his communication and the clarity of his knowledge was simply superb. 

The entire credit for the same goes to his class teacher and mentor Ms Reeta Kushwaha. The loving manner in which she has groomed and taught him the finer nuances of knowledge has not only evolved him cerebrally but also enhanced his budding personality. For him, she is his role model, something I am very proud of.


Thank you so very much for being such an invested custodian in my child’s life.

Warm regards
Negar Tripathi
Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on September 3, 2019

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