Payal and Prabhat

Payal and Prabhat

Hello Ma’am,
Hope you are doing good and taking all measures for your and family’s safety amid this pandemic.
Through this email, we want to convey our sincere gratitude to You and all the Respected Teachers of Class 5D.  In this unprecented situation, the way, teachers planned a curriculum and effectively implemented it digitally, it’s highly appreciated. 
Managing kids in a class is not an easy task.  Managing them virtually is beyond imagination.  However, the way Vijaya ma’am and other teachers are managing the class is just superb. Keeping an eye on each student as to whether the camera is on or not, every student is getting chance to speak or not and maintaining the interest of every student in the class is a mammoth task, which teachers are performing extremely well. Observing kids in the initial few classes was fun :)
Seema Ma’am, we are grateful to you, Vijaya Ma’am and all the class teachers for commendable efforts. Online classes have re-engaged Ojas and made life easy for us.  
Many thanks once again Take care and stay safe
Regards Payal and Prabhat

Parents of Ojas Lath Class 5D

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on July 13, 2020

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