Planting Trees Is Not Enough

Planting Trees Is Not Enough- (12)

Planting Trees Is Not Enough

Highlanders leave no stone unturned when it comes to saving the environment. One of the important lessons they learned lately is that ‘Planting trees is not enough!’

Swami Prem Parivartan popularly known as Peepal Baba- an environmentalist and founder of ‘Give Me Trees Trust’ along with Mr. Ashwani Khurana -President Karma Lakelands, and renowned environmentalist, visited Scottish High with a mission to inform and ignite young Highlanders on how they must move a step further in saving the environment.

Sharing priceless information on how planting trees will not be sufficient, the duo laid emphasis on the need to take proper care of the sapling, nurture and nourish it till it grows into a tree. This lesson comes useful for Highlanders as it reinforces their movement towards saving the earth.

It is worth mentioning that Peepal Baba has planted over 20 million trees across India from the past 40 years, and Mr. Ashwani has planted 2,00,000+ trees in his lifetime. Accompanying the team was Mr. Rahul Makin the popular R.J.
Inspiring it is to have such distinguished personalities, who are truly making a sustainable impact on the environment.

Indeed, their visit has passionately galvanized young Highlanders to break fresh grounds and paint the world green.

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