Priyamvada & Arun Unni

Priyamvada & Arun Unni

Dear Madhulika Ma’am,
At the outset – I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.This is a note from us (Raghav’s parents) to appreciate the hard work being putting in by you to ensure the children have a seamless learning experience.
To say that these are unusual times is an understatement. With such a lot of negative news inundating us each day relating to COVID-19,  you are doing a great job at keeping the children motivated, engaged and positive. This is a tough job at the best of times! We can only imagine how difficult it must be when you have a group of 20 ten-year olds to manage in a remote environment. 
Raghav only has good things to say about you and his experience of the “new normal”. Of course, he does miss the chance to interact in person with his classmates. Hopefully, all this will pass us soon and we will be back to life as we knew it in 2019.
Seema Ma’am – This is a note to thank you for all of what I’ve mentioned above. You have the added task at doing this at scale across multiple classes, teachers etc. These are truly difficult times…and educators need so much more credit than we give them.
In conclusion – I wish you and your families continued good health. We look forward to seeing you (in person) when things get back to normal.
With warm wishes,
Priyamvada & Arun UnniParents of Raghav Unni (5-H)

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on July 1, 2020

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