PYP – Feedback – Class V B

PYP Exhibition

PYP – Feedback – Class V B

Respected Anita Madam,

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the PYP Exhibition held today,  As a parent, I was thoroughly impressed by the dedication, creativity, and growth displayed by students.

Student Performances:

The children’s composure, confidence, and conviction during the exhibition were commendable. Their ability to collaborate and synchronize despite virtual challenges was truly remarkable.

We enjoyed the skits, poems, stories & music crafted by the students themselves.

Witnessing their hard work come to life was a joy.

Teacher Efforts:

To the teachers, thank you for nurturing these young minds. Your guidance, motivation, and tireless efforts were evident throughout.

The preparatory group calls, discussions, and constructive feedback sessions showcased your commitment to their growth.

School’s Vision:

The decision to showcase PYP concepts as an exhibition was brilliant. It allowed students to delve deep into topics while learning essential attributes like coordination, teamwork, and time management.

The detailed PYP wall, creative slogans, and dialogues demonstrated the students’ creative writing skills.

Sense of Ownership:

My daughter Khyati’s enthusiasm and sense of responsibility were palpable. This exhibition wasn’t just about the final day; it was about weeks of collaborative effort.

As parents, we appreciate the holistic learning experience provided by the school.

In summary, the PYP Exhibition was a celebration of growth, creativity, and resilience.

Thank you for fostering an environment where our children thrive.

Thank & Regards,

Vishnu Sahni

Respected Anita mam,

I Had a wonderful experience at PYP exhibition. Each and every child was so Confident and clear with showcasing their ideas .

Thank you for all the love, care, and dedication that you put into our kids !We are beyond grateful for your guidance and support.

Mam your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Words cannot capture my appreciation!

Bharat Malhotra

Good evening Anita Ma’am,

What a super enthusiastic and energetic start of the day it was….The exhibition was outstanding.The way these kids showcased their talents with such a confidence is commendable.Thankyou for all your love and support Ma’am.The way you encourage them on every step is applaudable.

Anaya always tells me how zestful and exuberant you are. She is lucky to have you as her mentor

Ma’am thank you so much once again 

Lots of love and Regards,


Hi Mam,

The PYP presentation was lovely.
The kids demonstrated great learning  and understanding. They were very well Co-ordinated as well.
Thanks for all your support and hard work.


Dearest Ma’am

I want to congratulate you and all the kids !! It was a fabulous show that all the kids put together.

I was so happy and overwhelmed to see the skits, the songs, the games and so many posters and props that they had put up.

Kudos to you & all the kids of class 5B 


Shipra & Saurabh

Dear Anita Mam

We wish to create a difference in the world so to make a better place for everyone but gradually that thought fades away in handling the complexities of our life. This PYPX platform is definitely an awaking call for us. 

This embarking journey of PYP with SHIS was so insightful and full of new learnings. 

Our children learned the various SDG’S in such an interesting and meaningful way. Their application in our daily life seems so possible when our children express in their way learnt through you. 

The whole concept of PYP not only encourages children to learn new things but how to express themselves seamlessly.  The way the whole exhibit was displayed and organised was commendable. Those glittering eyes of children filled with confidence while performing took us to another world. The sense of independence is great but with responsibility is experiential memories, these children developing their own lyrics, scripts, choreography and so on have created such memories which they will cherish forever. The guidance and learnings which they seek from you was reflected by them flawlessly.  

Words are few to express how amazing was the experience of PYPX but would really wish to thank SHIS and you for building such programme and incorporating it in our children so well that our  future will be definitely be remarkable.

Thanks & Regards

Anuja Mehta

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