“Recognizing Excellence: Honoring Our Section Proficiency Awardees”

Proficiency Award

“Recognizing Excellence: Honoring Our Section Proficiency Awardees”

In a vibrant celebration of talent and dedication, Scottish High hosted its annual Section Proficiency Award Special Assembly, honoring the remarkable achievements of our Highlanders.

The assembly, a testament to our commitment to excellence, showcased the dedication and hard work of individuals who have gone above and beyond in their pursuit of proficiency. From Grade 5 to Grade 11, each honoree was acknowledged for exceptional skill and knowledge.

The assembly began with a musical performance by Highlanders followed by the badge distribution by the Primary School Coordinator, Middle School Coordinator and Senior School Head.

As we continue on our journey, let us carry forth the spirit of excellence and collaboration that defines us, knowing that together, there is no limit to what we can achieve!!

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