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Three Cheers to overall development

Respected School Coordinator and Director,

A very good morning. I wanted to share my hear felt appreciation for the efforts your staff puts to bring in overall development.  Both my kids (Aditya Arora(8A) and Muskaan Arora(5H)) are part of Scottish since beginning. It is a charm to see how they are balancing between studies and sports leading to overall development.

The girls football team is simply amazing. Lot of efforts being put by Rahul Sir. It is a charm to see him leading and putting efforts to bring girls on the ground and fine tune their skills. This shall instill lots of confidence and conflict handling capabilities in kids.

Muskaan is receiving her Kumon GOLd Trophy tomorrow, but she wants to miss it as she wants to ensure that she joins Saturday football match.  I have no words to thank Rahul Sir and the leaders of Scottish.

Heartfelt Thanks. We need more such mentors around to make our country and specially NCR full of confident girls to be ready to handle the world tomorrow.



Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on September 13, 2019

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