Sapno ki Udaan 2024- Scottish High Students’ Appreciation Letters

Sapno ki Udaan 2024- Scottish High Students’ Appreciation Letters

Respected Bakhtawar Ma’am and Sanjay Sir,

Greetings from Pure Hearts.

We greatly appreciate Scottish High International School and each student who joined “Pure Hearts Sapno ki Udaan 2024 – Autism Awareness Campaign” on 27 April 2024. Through compassion and lively performances, alongside children on the autism spectrum, the Highlanders shared the joy of diversity and unity, bringing us together as ONE family.

The magical awe-inspiring evening was a meaningful amalgamation of sentiments and unfolding of the talents and uniqueness of all participants, including the dedicated efforts and heartwarming performances of your students. The evening witnessed a 2,200+ audience expressing solidarity and the true spirit of an inclusive community.

We genuinely appreciate your support and encouragement, it means a lot to Pure Hearts.

Wishing ‘Scottish High International School ‘ and all the students the best. Look forward to touching more lives together in the future as well.

Wishes and regards,

Team Pure Hearts

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