School Director’s Awareness Series no. 06


School Director’s Awareness Series no. 06

Dear Parents,

The emotional well being of our children has always been our top priority at Scottish High International School.

We are deeply concerned with the latest news regarding few online games and the effect it has had on the lives of many children across the globe. As important stakeholders to our children, it is crucial that we jointly take measures in ensuring that our children are safe and happy. It is our request to please keep a very close watch on how children are using the internet at home. We are living in an internet age and while it can be a wonderful source of fun, learning and creativity, there can also be many risks involved in its use. It is therefore our responsibility, to educate our children on its safe use.

Recently, we had invited Mr. Rakshit Tandon (a renowned cyber security expert) to conduct interactive sessions on cyber safety with our students of middle and senior school. We encourage you to take this forward and have regular open dialogues with your child on the benefits and dangers of the internet. You may find the following suggestions helpful –

Cultivate an interest in their online activities- their favorite websites, online games and social networking sites. Be aware!

As a family, agree on certain guidelines for internet use at home:

1.When and for how long it is acceptable for your child to use the internet

2.How to behave towards others when gaming, chatting, e-mailing or messaging

3.What type of sites and activities are OK or not OK in your family

Encourage your child to be careful while disclosing personal information

Help your child to be critically aware of reliable sources of information. Demonstrate how the internet can be used as an excellent educational and recreational source.

Most importantly, allow your child to know that they can approach you anytime they feel scared/confused/uncomfortable/threatened

Let us jointly be committed towards promoting the safe and responsible use of the internet to our children.

Best Regards,

Sudha Goyal

School Director

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