“School Director’s Awareness Series – Security Concerns”


“School Director’s Awareness Series – Security Concerns”

Director’s Awareness Series

Dear parents,

Last few days have been harrowing for the education fraternity. On one hand, we have seen the demon of bullying raising its ugly head and on the other the most gruesome end to a very young life, that too in the environs of a school that is and should be the most secure zone.

Undoubtedly, the faith of both the parent fraternity and the educationists has been greatly shaken by such incidents. The realization that the young companions and very people who are entrusted with the care have committed these dastardly acts and security of young students is of great concern.

On behalf of the Scottish High Management and Staff, I write to you, the parent community, with a great sense of responsibility and assurance that we have very strong safety and security systems in place.

-First and foremost, from the very moment the student steps into the School system including the school transport, our teachers and staff with great responsibility and vigilance monitor the movement of the students irrespective of their age.

-We also take utmost care that the students are mingling in their respective age-groups and at the same time respect one another’s individual identity, likes and dislikes.

-We conduct regular awareness sessions on ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’. Simultaneously, we encourage a system where in the communication channels are vibrant and every suspicious/abnormal behavior of the student is communicated to the respective Home-room Teachers/ Class-teachers/ Grade Coordinators/ Counsellors as also the respective Principal/Head of Schools/School Director and the parents

-For the safety of the students and staff, CCTV system is in place at all vantage points and is regularly monitored by competent personnel.

-The Heads, teachers and admin supervisors are on their toes to ensure the hygiene and safety of students.

-In addition to the bus conductors and bus drivers, the school has Transport Coordinators who are on school rolls.

-Every staff member, be it teacher, admin or support staff all have compulsorily gone through the Police verification process.

-The out sourced staff too can enter the school after going through the complete verifications and they are frisked everyday upon arrival and dispersal.

-All school staff and visitors wear Identity card all the time. No unauthorized person can enter the school building.

-Visitors are escorted to the respective offices with Visitor’s cards, passes and escorted back to the gate and signed out.

-The washrooms are manned by housemaids (Girls’ Toilets) and House boys (Boys’ toilets).

-There are separate washrooms for the support staff and no staff is permitted to share washrooms of students under any circumstances.

-Every entrance to the building is manned by a guard from a Security Company (currently Group 4 Security Company).

We request you to develop a very transparent and regular communication with your daughter/son. Kindly, listen to your children patiently and keep the school informed so that we, on our part can take precautionary and preventive steps and thereby ensure the well-being of the students. We also wish to assure you that any concern you might have, will be attended to and appropriately addressed by us.

We look forward to creating a safe and secure environ for our young Highlanders and ensure that, as always, we will see them graduate with a zestful, smiling, confident and responsible demeanor.

Sudha Goyal (School Director)

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