School Director’s Awareness Series-March 2020


School Director’s Awareness Series-March 2020

Student Safety is our priority

Scottish High International School is renowned for taking cognizance and appropriate/timely measures for the safety of our students. We at Scottish High are committed to the safety of our students from the prevailing environmental hazards and ailments.
The Government of India has declared the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus as a pressing concern and the Scottish High management team has taken immediate and relevant steps to ensure safety of all our students.

Precautionary measures being taken to ensure safety of our students from Coronavirus –

⚫Deep Sanitization of the entire school campus every day with Microgen D-125 and other deep cleaning agents.

⚫Hand Sanitizers have been placed at all relevant locations throughout the campus

⚫Deep Sanitization of all housekeeping, security & estate staff every day at entry gate with alcohol based sanitizers, soap wash and potassium permanganate wash

⚫Awareness Campaign amongst students that cover

-Regular and frequent washing of hands
-Keeping safe distance from each other
-Greeting each other with a Namaste instead of Handshake
-Covering mouth while coughing or sneezing
-Avoid eating outside food / unsanitary food
-Not turning up for school if the student is feeling unwell and getting in touch with a medical doctor immediately

Student safety is of paramount importance to us at Scottish High and we take it very seriously. Deep Sanitization and Cleansing of the entire campus is being done every day to ensure safety of our students from viral infections. We are following government advisory/ notices keenly and keeping ourselves updated about developments on this front so that precautionary and appropriate measures can be taken to ensure our students stay safe at all times.

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