Scottish High celebrates 75th Independence Day!

Scottish High celebrates 75th Independence Day

Scottish High celebrates 75th Independence Day!

Scottish High International School celebrates 75th Independence Day!

Dressed in traditional outfits, carrying a smile on their faces, the Highlanders celebrated the 75th Independence Day with great fervour and enthusiasm.Beaming with a sense of pride for the country, the celebrations began with the Flag hoisting by the inspiring presence of the School Director- Ms Sudha Goyal, a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem and the ceremonial march-past paying tribute to the Tiranga, followed by a colourful presentation by the Highlanders, expressing their love for the motherland through songs, dance and myriad performances.It is worth emphasizing that the physical distancing norms followed stringently during the celebrations could not discourage the students from sending out the glorious message of togetherness and brotherhood.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day!

Posted By admin in Independence Day, News, on August 13, 2021

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