SHISTECH is back: Bigger, Better and in-Person

SHISTECH is back

SHISTECH is back: Bigger, Better and in-Person

SHISTECH is the brainchild of the Computer Science students of Scottish High International School, who have an ambitious vision: a vision to create an event that fosters talent in STEM in a diaspora of students. SHISTECH is an amalgamation of that vision, with ten innovative events that test a wide range of skills of students engrossed in various fields such as Coding, Web Design, and Film Making to name a few.

We are proud to have key sponsors such as Avishkaar Robotics, Taskade, Lens Academy,, GitHub, Stigasoft, Jeevitam and GEN XYZ contributing to the success of the event. Attached below is the school invite, containing all necessary information regarding the event, including registration form links and contact details.

School Invite:-

School Registration Form:-

Individual Registration:-

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