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Dear Sanjay Sir,I have been meaning to send this mail for long but somehow couldn’t make time for it.
The year 2020 is clearly an unusual year for all of us. Many children didn’t get a closure of the previous year and the new academic year began. Amidst this pandemic, we as adults and children have experienced huge anxiety and confusion over the future. The task for teachers has been even more daunting to not only adapt to a newer world but also upskill themselves in a short time.
I would like to place my sincere appreciation for Ms Karishma Bisht, Grade VI A Class teacher and Maths teacher. My daughter, Riana Baijal has been a student with a fair amount of apprehension towards Maths. Not only did her teacher turn her around into a curious student, take away her fears but despite no in-person interaction built trust and comfort for my daughter. My daughter tells me, she experiences her teacher as a compassionate person who genuinely seems interested in students. In my interaction with Karishma, I felt assured that my child is in good hands. She was very receptive, understanding and keen to partner for the development of my child.
She has made her classes interesting and engaging for children. Very prompt in her support and deeply encouraging for her students. Thank you Karishma for teaching from your heart.
Another teacher that deserves appreciation is Ms Sananda Das. brilliant way to bring concepts to children and the extra effort she puts in her lessons.
I am sure there are many teachers who have made much effort but these ones really deserved a note of appreciation.  
I look forward to Scottish High Management and Teachers helping students tide over this difficult year with much grace and courage.
Regards Shruti

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on September 7, 2020

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